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Our task is to show new members of BG how to play and especially how to play effectively. Thats why we created a Trainingplan for every BG-member. It should help you to learn more about the game and it should help the Wingleaders to train their members. You have to know everything about FreeLancer and you have to finish your training before you can promote to a FULL member of BG.

1. You have to know where to find the Jumpgates and Jumpholes in every System.

2. You need to know what Weaponcombinations you have to use to play effectively.

3. You have to pass a Weapon-Training-Program (WTP). This means that you have to know how to kill other just with your guns.

4. You have to pass a Movement-Training-Program (MTP). This will show you how to survive during a fight.

5. You have to pass an Advanced Weapon-Training-Program (AWTP). There you will learn everything about Missiles, Mines and Torpedoes.

6. You have to pass a Advanced Movenment- Training-Program (AMTP). Here you will train the enginekills, formations and manual docking.

7. You have to pass a Team-Combat-Training-Program (TCTP). Here you will learn something about tactics, teamplay and leadership.

This is what you have to learn now… ask your Wingleader to teach you and ask your Wingmates to help you. Practice as often as you can. Its worth it!!!