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Inspector's Log 1 : The attacking of Sirius will be left handed!

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    Inspector's Log 1 : The attacking of Sirius will be left handed!

    Inspector's Log 1,there's nothing much to say...except for :

    I am attacking Sirius and tax money,with no damn cops it is too easy.
    As long as noone flees ( i call them RP pussies ) that'll be left handed!
    The Mercenaries are unemployed.It is like a wolf attacks a sheep and
    the Farmer hadn't placed anything to protect them!Maybe I am new
    and I am not very good and you've got a chance now.But it looks like
    in the long term y'all gonna die or pay.The only thread I have seen was one pirate!
    HA!Do you really think that defend,which is a JOKE!!!,can serously stop me from bigger attacks?!
    And if the mercenaries are that unemployed like I heard ( for example the famous and active DP-Clan )
    I can hire them,to destroy your undignified remains.You're just scared!!!, I think.
    Because e.g. there is no JUSTICE!!!Hahaha.So,I think this Log should scare you from me.

    And now please defend yourself,so it'll be more funny to slaught you!!!

    with worst wishes,Inspector!
    The real crime isn't that I tax your money,the real crime is that you don't use
    your money!