Styx - Overhead View of Nomad Base

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  • am i allowed give players a hint on that Styx Nomad outpost i know how to get inside but a hint not easy but hard way hint am i allowed to say it?

  • Hello Wombat,

    you can use Disable HUD key ("L" by default) to take screenshots with no user interface, instead of editing the pictures later :)

    Also, if you enter Turret Mode and zoom IN for a while, your ship will not be visible as well.

    Ctrl or Shift + Mouse Wheel can be used for faster zoom.

    Hope this helps!

    • Thanks Wanderer. Yes, you can see where I cut and pasted to cover things up. Ha! Martind also mentioned HUD disabling but didn't realise it was a simple key stroke. Thanks to for the zooming tip. I constantly fly in turret mode. I take very few screenshots. Leave all that to Marty. Although I have taken literally 100's, maybe 1000's, of map images all I hope for a good cause. You might have seen some of them at WIKI.

  • There are 10 weapon platforms (2 between each "spoke"). You can see them if you look carefully. This Station is very well protected.

    • Try search for CFNoHud file in your Freelancer folder ... this is utility which removes HUD on wish in SinglePlayer. It can also hide cursor (optional choice).