Control Panel

The User menu does not only give you access to the Control Panel. It also shows you notifications, conversations, social links, your bookmarks and of course the Portal wide search function.

If you have new notifications or conversations this area will get highlighted.

The Control Panel is your personal shortcut to all your settings.

These settings are grouped into at least five categories.

  • The first of these categories is your Profile. Here you can view and edit it. User Profiles are not just fancy tools to some info to other members. They also contain statistics about your community contribution and allow other members to contact you and write comments on your Wall.
    You can edit and fill the profile with information. You also can change how your Profile looks like. It is possible to upload custom profile headers.
  • The next category deals with your User Account. Here you can upload Avatars, create a Signature, change your Password and even change your Username (once every 182 days).
    This is also the place where you can synchronize your User Account with is your Discord Account.
  • The third category are the Portal settings. Here you can customize the way how content is displayed to you.
    It is possible to change the Portal style here or even how much content should be displayed on one page. You can change the language, privacy settings and even which notifications you want to get.
  • The Community category provides information about community content that is related to you. You can access your notifications, check which other members are followed by you or follow you and you can see if other members shared content with you via Bookmarks.
  • The User Groups give you an overview about which groups exist on the Portal and how to join them. Some of these groups are public, some require and invitation and others you can apply for.

If you are a member of a Portal Clan you might even see more options on the Control Panel related to your clan. These options highly depend on the clan specific settings.

If you have questions about settings or if you are looking for something you are not able to find you can leave us a message on the Forum.