Clan Management

Every member is allowed to create Clans/Guilds for games that are supported on this Portal.

We support this by providing a Clan & Guild Management for free.

You can access the Clan and Guild Management through the Dashboard Menu.

Here you have the option to view other registered Clans/Guilds or to create your own.

The creation process is easy.

Choose a name, upload a logo and a header image, write a short description and finally decide how the Clan/Guild-tag should look like (all members have this tag visible on the Portal).

That`s it.

After a short verification process (usually within 24 hours) you can start using your Clan/Guild.

What can you do?

Well, as founder you are free to create custom user groups and access rights.

You can administrate everything with a few simple clicks.

Certainly you want to have your own Forum. You can set up a custom Forum structure for your members and limit the Forum access to specific user-groups.

You decide what content remains private, you decide who can moderate content or even administrate it.

You want that guest can leave comments? That is your choice.

Not only does your clan have own Forums, it also has its own membership management.

You can decide if players can apply for membership or not. It is also possible to invite members to the clan/guild.

Your clan can even display news, the rules or other content to members and visitors.

The Clan & Guild Management is a very easy and powerful tool.