Gizmo Elite Ship pack 1.1 by Gibbon & Griff 1.1

Welcome to the ELITE ship pack 1.1 by Gibbon & Griff. This version of the ship pack is intended as a modders resource only !!

What's all this about then i hear you ask?

Well it's my way of remembering one of the classic games of yesteryear that started the whole 3D space trading genre back in 1984 to be exact, the all time classic, 'ELITE' by Ian Bell and David Braben. With the 25th anniversary of this ground breaking game, seemed appropriate to do something for the Freelancer community and so this ship pack has been created.

These ship designs obviously come from the original game, but have been completely remodelled and retextured by Griff, a serious master of the art. With his permission, i've converted them to Freelancer format for modellers to use in their own mods, so no need to ask us permission, just carry on and add them in. All we ask is that you include this README file in any versions of your mods that you release and that you credit the both of us for all our hard work in getting them to you.

The models used in this ship pack are from a game called 'Oolite', a remake of 'ELITE' which is fully expandable with various addons including ships, stations, missions etc. This is where i encountered Griff and his models.

Also includes a fully working Coriolis Space Station with custom sur file