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    Op, is it possible to make bulk commodities ( food, metal... ) in huge quantities and a little more pricier and precious commodities ( diamants, gold... ) in small quantities ?

    2000 tons of food is realistic but 2000 tons of diamants is strange and 2000 tons of military secrets is uncommon. :patsch:

    So big cargo's ( trains ) can remplish the cargoload with 1 kind of cheap ( ? ) commodities or several different precious commodities, letting ships with small cargoloads going for high precious or illegal commodities.

    it's a very old idea but maybe it's doable with all the technical developments you make these last years! 8).

    I have a new computer ( desktop this time ! ) and I was able to finish the campain :thumbsup:

    Just getting better with some missions against AI until I feel strong enough to get on line . :thumbup:

    If you see "Von Pol" that's me ! :D

    Never played Empire earth and I was not very attracted by Age of mythology...

    But I remember my ( the ) first RTS of all " DUNE " with 3 kind of races to chose and putting your base only on rocky parts and go only on the sand if no worm was nearby :D

    And then the first "Warcraft" ( on a tape ) with ogers and trolls, mining with your peons ! :rolleyes:

    Then the rest, a range of different RTS each with a twist : Total Annihilation, Dark Reign, Cossacks, AMERICA ( western ), Supreme Commander ( not my favor thing ) and lots I forgot... :whistling:

    I like also more strategic games with more thingking and planning ( not RTS ) as the Total Wars series, East India compagny, the Panzers and Warlords series .... but none of FPS as you see a lot last time, they are to fast for my brain and my skills ! :ninja:

    Except for C&C4 ( new concept, i'm not convinced ) the 2 games are very related. Same basic concept: you chose your race, get a start position on a "black" map ( Fog of War ) and must develop your base to produce your army thanks to minerals ( = $ ) you'll find around on the map.

    Starcraft needed 10 years to see SC2 and has an aura that was growing with the years, C&C was more productive giving a stream of games following on regular bases . I like to play both aswell as i love to play Age of Empire3 ( same principes but more "historical".

    I first play the campaings of all these games, then all specials against AI before I go to multiplayer. Still busy with 2v2 with SC2 and every day I discover new possibilities on each race, the most difficult to get is the key play. Specialy difficult to master in SC2 because you have to think fast , you are in real time, not much time to think absolute none is your opponent is a human. But knowing the short cuts ( key ) will give you a great advantage.

    Personaly, I'm to old to be fast enough so I need more time to build my defense, I'm a long runner player with lots of patience and I base my game on strategic points more than " rusching" your opponent as Quick as possioble making the game fast and furious but certainly not intersting in a tactical or strategic point of view.

    In the past ( 10 years ago ) I played several times in Multi but after a while you got to deal with cheaters and you lose interest for the game... and stop playing ! :(

    Dunno if I'll play SC2 in multi, I find myself not yet ready to battle others with much more practice and rapidity but who knows ... 8).

    OK DONE, finaly !

    Thanks a lot Michael and Martin ! :thumbsup:

    There is indeed a little confusion about 1.81 and 1.82

    The only link i got was :

    So following your suggestions i got a fresh crossfire and FMM dowload at "moddb" and after crossing my fingers i did the all procedure again ( ! ) ...... and it worked. :thumbup:

    I tested it immediately and found my NewPol char there where I left it but i did 'nt get further ... it' late now .... i'm exausted but happy to seen you soon in game ! 8o

    ps: indeed no more actions from Mc Afee in this version, great work OP !

    Sorry OP if it's stays 1.81 but your download at swat has only this, still 1.81 .... never founded a download with 1.82 :(

    And yes you have reach 1.82 working at 1.9 i know, I'm here sinds mod 1.3 and downloaded 3, 5, 6, 7 and 8.1 but I cannot YET play 1.82

    I have still the same problem with installing your new mod on my brand new computer !

    I have a ACER i7 860 with Win7 sinds 2 weeks and I'm trying to play Crossfire sinds my laptop did refuse duty !

    I read all i founded on the forum and at google to find a solution to my problem, tried a dozen times again changing all kind of stuff but nothing is working ...

    1. I have a new computer with a fresh install of FL ( so no saves to delete or so ! )

    2. i made a fresh download from Swat of the FMM

    3. i downloaded msinet.ocx from internet, copy it in system 32

    4. i installed it with cmd running as administrator, then copy it in syswow64

    5. i downloaded crossfire 1.81 ( never saw 1.82 ! ) at swat

    6. i runned crossfire mod installating automatiquely with FMM ( with several Troyan horse alert from Mc Afee ).

    7. going in FMM to load crossfire mod and then ..... getting the same problem with msinet.ocx

    I know, lots of people has the same problem and they managed to get it working, but not always knowing how they succeded ....

    dunno where it got wrong, i hope some1 will help me out .... after all these tries i did, i desesperate to play crossfire anymore, my nerfs are letting me down ....

    NewPol , a veteran from the early times :(.

    fraid2 no, not related with FL or Crossfire ;)

    It's a old signature, dunno where i found it, I suppose with google :D

    My problem is not yet solved : did a new download of Crossfire and FMM at swatportal

    putted the downloaded msinet.ocx in both System32 and 64 but getting the same message : Error: SHCopyFile failed ('C:\Program Files (x86)\Freelancer Mod Manager\mods\Crossfire1.81\EXE\MSINET.OCX' to 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Freelancer\EXE\MSINET.OCX') X(

    FAQ is not very explicite about it, I'm in distress ;(.

    got me a brand new computer with window7 , my laptop did'nt last more than 3 years :patsch:

    i tried to get back on track with the brand new mod 1.82 but it did'nt work, error message about .OCX

    Error: problem activating 'Crossfire Mod 1.81 Client Edition'

    Error: SHCopyFile failed ('C:\Program Files (x86)\Freelancer Mod Manager\mods\Crossfire1.81\EXE\MSINET.OCX' to 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Freelancer\EXE\MSINET.OCX')

    On google I found and downloaded a "fixer" program but I'm not shure it's save... :huh:

    Is there a helping hand to guide me a little ?

    Sorry Spiky, I can't help you. My laptop give it up middel ( more near end ) of the campain. I was trying to get out the labyrinth of the Zerg underworld when my computer let me down :(

    No more SC and no more CROSSFIRE until repair, but I'm affraid it's the graphic card that crashed en then ...... :cursing:

    I was playing at SC2 but my laptop crashed so no more SC and no more Crossfire :(
    Waiting for repair but if Grafic card is involved then most hope is gone ....