Random FPS Drop

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  • Hello everyone!

    New to this forum, new to crossfire, wonderful mod btw
    Myself and a couple friends of mine have been playing on the server a bit, and we all have the same issue from time to time

    while out in space we could be doing any number of activities just fine, and for now discernible reason, our FPS will get cut big time
    this doesn't happen to us all at the same time so were fairly certain it is a client side issue

    for me personally I've found that the shader option RS+SFX SMAA Default DX9 allows me a sort of fix, I hit my windows button which sends me to my desktop,

    and when I click to get back in game ill see a process (in game) re-starting and I get my FPS back

    ill get a picture of the startup message and post it here as well, just wondering if anyone else has been having this kind of issue

  • Does it happen in a specific region?

    I know that Renaissance space currently can cause such random issues.



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  • Hello.
    im having the same problem. It has happend in New York system and in reinland. I’m having over 130 in FPS and then it drops to 14. For a few sec. It can get it above 30 for a sec then it drops again. Help any idea how to fix this

  • Hmm, I think it could be something with a way how to anticheat works and use of only one processor core for Freelancer as a game. Do you have more as one FL accounts which you change before problems starts?