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    Originally posted by Nitro
    And yes, that is RPG.
    If you deny others

    from playing their part, then please jibby, do us all a favor, and leave this


    I still don't get it, how is he doing that? How can he possibly

    deny other players from playing their part?


    Originally posted by Jib
    Thank u Don, for injecting some sanity here.

    As former BG leader who literally wrote the book on clan tactics, ur opinion is very

    important and repected all over the FL, ... and gaming world.

    Sir, I am



    Originally posted by DC_Dragonwarrior
    @ don how can

    you declare war on a neutral clan for hire doens make any sense to me may be you can explain

    that one to me

    Germany once declared war on the neutral bufferstate


    1. Chaos and DC were

    allies (I would like to see the terms of that alliance btw)
    2. DC breaks the alliance and

    runs off.
    3. Full DC-Clan attacks Chaos (probably by order of DC-Command nwhich turns it

    into a valid war, maybe not full clanwar but still hostile status)

    It doesn't matter

    who paid DC, DC attacked it's former ally. Logical reaction is that chaos now goes to war

    against DC.

    I don't understand your reasoning. What's chaos supposed to do now?

    Stand around and get shot at?


    Originally posted by DC_Dragonwarrior

    @ jib you know you keep saying it will hurt us but i say again how can that be when

    we are having so much fun

    I think the only one who still is in-character

    is Jib himself. You all just suck at RPGs... =X

    Ah, the madness...

    Where is the part where Jib doesn't let

    another clan do their RP?


    Originally posted by Nitro
    I am not accusing Jib of not role playing, I

    am accusing Jib of not letting another clan play their role in the


    How is he doing that?

    noonoo, it was me

    and my voodoo,
    my finger slipped =X