Any Tier 1 to Tier 6 Ship Mod Packs for Vanilla Freelancer?

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  • Hi Guys!

    I have been enjoying Crossfire lately but was a bit bummed out the low tiers of play from the original campaign are destroyed by the added difficulty and exorbitant prices of the mod for some items when buying and selling, not a bad critique, but simply not to my taste, it is simply too much.

    Nothing wrong with the mod, it is quite good but a bit overwhelming when all I need is a nostalgia trip with some extra goodies, so I decided to simply install vanilla freelancer and replay the campaign only with added visual enhancements, so was wondering, since Crossfire has so many ships and commodities if there is any mod out there that adds some the Commodities and some of the low tier ships to the Vanilla Campaign?

    Something Lore friendly and not too OP.

    I have been looking at the Mods already out there but they all seem bent on adding T10 ships with several turrets or ships from other obvious franchises like Elite , Star Wars and Wing Commander, which are good but not what I am looking for ... I am mostly looking at mods like the ones that let you have a buyable CSV for example with about 100 cargo hold or one that adds a couple ships for each faction in the same price ranges and power of the vanilla ones.

    Is there even such a mod? One that just enhances and expands vanilla without going overboard for Single Player?

    Some of the new commodities added in Crossfire are interesting and some ships as well , so I wonder if there is something like an extremely Lite version of Crossfire that only adds to Vanilla Campaign a handful of ships and commodities?

    Just want Freelancer "version 2.0" with some new commodities, some ships lore compliant for their zone during the campaign trip and perhaps a sprinkle of extra systems? Or a "Crossfire Ultra Lite Redux Version for SP Vanilla Campaign 1.0" of sorts hehe.

    Just wondering 8)

  • Nothing that would be compatible.

    The way i see it everything is perfectly balanced if you use the new features and mechanics introduced in CF



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  • If it's difficult for you, why not enable the God Mode? I understand that it's a form of cheating for the simple reason that you may not have spent years of fighting like us here in this community, so I understand that CF might be a bit challenging for you.

    And in this case (not to brag or anything), I think you wrote in the perfect timing, so please check this out:

    Crossfire Saves [Campaign]

    You'll have a fully equipped class 10 VHF from the very beginning, you could also just skip it altogether and start the CF campaign, but you still have the option of playing through the whole FL Campaign with a fully equipped level 10 fighter with the latest and most powerful weapons available.

  • If it's difficult for you, why not enable the God Mode? I understand that it's a form of cheating for the simple reason that you may not have spent years of fighting like us here in this community, so I understand that CF might be a bit challenging for you.

    Ahhh very kind of you .

    But sadly I will have to pass.

    It is not about difficulty, but the subtlety of the original "feeling" and the endless quest , futile as much as any other, to approach a perfect sense of originality with a new touch of modernity but without crossing the imaginary limit of a moment.

    Balancing a game is ... to put it succinctly to make a new game, in this case Freelancer with many other mods. Crossfire is for me a literal different game using Freelancer as a base, which is good, again, I must reiterate, there is nothing wrong, but not what I am looking for.

    Same with many other mods that simply do "balances", tweaks, additions, subtractions off the original by the mindset of a creator that has a particular view of how something should be, the whole spirit of Modding per se.

    The beauty of Vanilla Freelancer is how unbalanced (to some ) it was and the recreation of a time long past moment and "Feeling" the pursuit of some modders, myself included.

    It is about "Ambience" to make it clear, not "challenge".

    I have talked of this in other forums and the closest I have gotten is to reinstall original freelancer and add some bug fixing patches , the swag pack and some enbs/reshades plus some very vanilla like mods, things that add without altering the overall package much, a couple ships here, equal in power to the progression of the campaign/zone racial/cultural area and what I found enticing was some of the new commodities and some ship hulls, not all off Crossfire, which I am now slowly importing to my own game.

    Just wanted to see if someone had something like that before to not work twice, but seems I have to rebuild everything from scratch.

    It might sound odd, but I actually enjoy playing old games with light touches, most of them cosmetic and very minor alterations to certain mechanics or way of doing things in them.

    Not all mods are complete Rebalances or Expansive Projects, some mods and modders like myself just like very delicate changes to reexperience a particular moment until it can no longer be achieved or you are sated.

    Like a small dose of emotional drugs.

    But again, thanks for the saves! Personally I believe the game ended perfectly and just want to recreatet the feeling of escalation it gave during the vanilla campaign. The slow trudge from low tier ships until the end and the Sphere.

    I usually stay fixed on the map before rheinland opens. Best emotional middle ground for me, a world full of possibilities and the dreaded closure still too far in the future.

    In Crossfire I flew over some interesting areas, found the wormhole maze to reach the base idea novel, but again, it is something beyond freelancer, quite good, but not what I am looking for, but Crossfire has so many good things in them you can take away to make something else, but sadly an extremely slow process as I have to literally make something new out of scratch, which is extremely time consuming, and time my friend, is one of the most precious commodities in the universe, something no one has enough of despite any material wealth you might have.

    I found out in the download section some amazing little mods that gave Crossfire some of its glamour, like the small mod to make VIPs and Prisoners commodities and some ship packs, these I am slowly inserting into my own vanilla personal mod as well.

    But I have reached a solid ground of what I wanted and currently playing the Vanilla Campaign with a lot of glorious visual imagery not possible back in the day keeping part of its original spirit intact.

    I really need to explain this as some people sometimes see me weirdly, there are other projects that try to recreate for example a game as it was, like Project1999 with the current Everquest Green server which will historically unlock expansions as they went back in 1999-2000 and forward until a definite cap at Velious, keeping or adding even some of the original bugs as a design choice!

    Or some Enhancement Projects for Morrowind like Tamriel Rebuilt that aim to enhance not modify the original Morrowind or many other communities that try to keep a vintage game as close as possible to the original with perhaps QoL improvements but without touching the core, the soul of it if we try to wax and wane poetic.

    Some people, like me, like to relive and enhance old games keeping them as close as possible as they were, like virtual museums of sorts fixed in time and space but with a small peccadillo of extravaganza with perhaps newer textures without touching much the original game as it was delivered.

    That is all 8)

    Hope you all have a wonderful day and a big hug from South America to everybody!

    Glad to see people still have interest in Freelancer, so hope this mod keeps on giving for many many years as well!


  • Well... we can't force you here, Chancletudo, but we (me at least) appreciate a lot when it comes to an honest answer and expressing of your own opinion regardless of feelings.

    So I wish you a good luck of finding your own thing, I really do!

    Cheers and have fun, man! :00000436: