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  • 702?

    What's that?

    That is the number of cheats that were detected on the server over the past 30 days.

    This includes players not restarting their clients after the daily reset.

    This includes players which either failed to install the mod (in two occasions even simply copied files manually into the FL folder) or edited files (the excuse "but i only did it in singleplayer" has come up mulitple times). There are clearly some favorite manipulations on certain systems (such as x-3043 but also custodian), manipulations on ships, manipulations on equipment and also market files.

    This includes timer cheats.

    This includes speed cheats and fast jump cheats.

    It also includes players which tried to manipulate or even disable the client side anticheat, most certainly to hide other cheats.

    702... +23 detected cheats per day.

    This bullshit causes damages to chars, damages to the server stability which causes further damages to other chars. Overall it causes damages to CF and this community.

    EVERYDAY I have to spend 1-2 hours dealing with this shit. Fixing damages, dealing with problems and it is not getting any better.

    I am pissed at how people treat my work.

    I am pissed at how my valuable time is being wasted.

    I am highly disappointed that people cant just simply take my mod... install it the way we have described in detail so many times and then simply play it with others without messing things up.

    I will leave this message here with the hope that something will change.

    This is the first and final warning.

    If I dont see changes in the next weeks I will start removing players from the server once and for all, even if that means to lose half of the server population.



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  • Damn This shit is Unappceptable This is a good fun server i have enjoyed for a long time now and Hurts me to hear that people are still trying to exploit this mod in any way it can Its ends up effecting everyone else just because some idiots think there having fun when actually there ruining it for everyone else and they will probably stop playing with in a year leave OP and Us as a community to mop up the Shit left behind i have seen these exploits and cheats been done over the years and surprised its still being done and as for trying to edit files I dont see a problem if there actually are doing it for SP but If there intentions are to use on multi Player thats Personally pisses me off As someone whos been here since 1.7 and playing on 1.6 with my father all those years ago i have had the problem of files not being updated on daily basis which resulted in a ban of my chars simple mistake but i always make sure my files are updated daily now to ensure this doesnt happen again and because i been around since then on and off i understand the hundereds of thousands of hours put into this mod plus the support is good and frequent witch not alot of mods have these days there are few good mods still going its really a shame too hear that people are still doing and trying these things makes me sad :cursing::cursing::cursing::cursing:

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