How to Obtain Alien Guns in SP?

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  • Well, some may say it's self-explanatory, but I just wan't to make it sure. :zitat::suchend: In the final Crossfire mission, I obtain alien guns by blowing up the mother ships and not the fighter ships:aok: I really wanted to get my hands on wa'r-sy propulsor and kelyrd-ray projector, but there was no savages and warrior mother ship around during the final mission.:rtfm: So, if I go to Inner Core in SP and visit the hostile systems, which I should shoot to get my hands on alien guns (wa'r-sy propulsor and kelyrd-ray projector), warrior and savage mother ships, gunboats or fighter?:vinsent: Can I DO IT ALONE and SURVIVE?:schimpf:

  • It is possible to solo a Savage Battleship or a Warrior Battleship in a fighter, but it's time-consuming.

    (Been there done that)

    Don't bother with Warrior Motherships or with cruisers, they have denser turret coverage.

    Alternatively, you can grab a CD-immune battleship (Liberty DN, Osiris or Iteron), load up on Kusarian turrets and engage the cruisers and battleships from a safe distance. Just stay away from fighters.

    "Across the savage skies and through the fissures in the fields,
    The rumble of the engines and the trundle of the wheels,
    Through hell and horror trudge and yet their spirits never yield.
    Will they sing of these forsaken pawns of war?"
    -Miracle Of Sound, "Pawns of War".

  • Well mate, you say "but I just wan't to make it sure"

    you can do it in a VHF like take your pick - even the Eagle will do - a 10x10 is better with six Mk II lvl 10 guns with max power supply if you want it

    then to really make it sure - set the difficulty to God Mode and fly

    collect all you want - it will take some time guns won't drop immediately but you can fly almost everywhere except atmosphere and you survive

    when you have all the guns you want save your game

    put the difficulty back to normal and go and try out your new guns.

    good flying :) :)


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  • DonKavash74 one advice: start in Weth and train yourself to dispatch 1-2 doom wings in Rysk. May take some time doing so in SP, you will ge on your own afterall. When satsfied with your skills go for Savages (Jormdar) which can drop warsy ... don't expect easy going :) (get Iguana vhf btw). And do yourself a favour: when think 'one more kill and I go back' ... go back asap, this can help you save your loot :)

  • sb & nb are not absolutely necessary - they are a good money maker to sell whenever you dock on a base.

    learn to go out without em - use them if absolutely necessary when you pick them up in a fight - they are a finite resource and will allways run out on you no matter how many you can store - so when your capacity is full head for the nearest base and sell up.

    dont leave though untill all hostiles aroud you have been taken care of, otherwise you loose the lot, its better to leave some bots and bats for someone else to pick up because if you try to run to dock it dose not work in CF, you will get smoked. :) :)


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