Crossfire and Reshade

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  • Hello there

    I saw that the mod comes with nice good SweetFX and reshade stuff, not bad at all, but my question is, is there any way to implement the latest version of reshade?, i would like to change the stuff on the fly as i do to all my games

    i tried install reshade over the existent installation but unfortunately the game wont load

    do i need to use a DX8 wrapper to get it working?

    any advice or tip is welcome


  • Hi

    Arpadiam - welcone to CF

    installing anything on top of the CF installation can be a bit tricky.

    You will need help from Admins for this.

    Hope you made a backup of your installation before installing on top that way you have a quick way to recover your game play.

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  • yes you need a d8 wrapper but that is included in the current installation

    however, not every reshade version seems to work

    thats why I decided to go for one that is most compatible for most of the user

    doing changes on your own most likely will fail since the launcher will try to restore the original state of the files



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