Singleplayer saved files gone

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  • Hi everyone,

    I recently got back to playing CF SP after a few days, but I realized all of my save files are gone, now I theorize this could be caused by two things:

    First one is my CF Client which updated the singleplayer files, that could've erased all of my manually saved games I made

    The second one is the Discovery mod which I play in a separate Freelancer folder, but I've never gone to play singleplayer with that so I doubt that is the problem, also it wouldn't just erase my save files it would overwrite them I assume, or
    it would just show them in the save menu.

    Also I would like to know is there a way to edit the preset Reshade option to disable those lightning god ray effects that blink on your screen every time someone shoots at you directly or you shoot at them, its really hard to fight with that on.

    Thanks in advance,


  • the updates can not be the reason because the launcher has to write permissions in the location where the savegames are stored.

    Discovery could be a source of conflict but i think only if you use FLMM to switch between them.
    Generally discovery savegames and crossfire savegames are incompatible (they would cause crashes), but wouldnt overwrite or disappear.
    The activation of a mod in FLMM however does remove already existing savegames to prevent such compatibility conflicts. This might have happened if you activated discovery in FLMM lately.

    you can in theory disable this reshade effect by editing the \exe\ReShade\GemFX_settings1.cfg
    i think you have to change "#define USE_LENZFLARE 1" to "#define USE_LENZFLARE 0"



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  • Thanks for the reply.

    Thats odd, because I did not touch the FLMM since the last time I played SP CF, so I don't know what could've caused the savefiles to dissapear.
    I will check out that reshade edit.

  • Thanks for the advice, but I already checked the folder, there ain't nothing in it :( , guess I'll copy paste savefiles to desktop when I'm done with a session next time.