Prosecution of criminals

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  • about this message available on galactic police newsnet : SA_ - Omega-3 Rules (last post)

    :police: May I take this as "proof of criminal conduct" of the aformentioned pilots
    ... with the entitlement for EVERY police officer available in space to ENFORCE LAW :police:
    on the aforementioned pilots, where ever and in what ever ship they might be found ?


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  • In a different pov:

    IOC was formed in the interests of preserving the freedoms of freelancing, while adding the advantages of mutual security, trading efficiency and a home system. IOC pilots have unparalleled freedom in making their mark in Sirius and beyond, with only modest restraints. IOC is violently opposed to piracy, and fervently defends its smuggling interests in the face of law enforcement encroachment on free trade. Despite House sanctions against our trade, IOC pilots perform an invaluable service to civil society by their judicious handling of materials deemed too hazardous or sensitive for the general public to appreciate. Our alliances reflect that reality, despite the public perception that we are at odds with the rule of law.

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  • Clan rules reflects situation ONLY in clan system. They should be enforced primarily by clan members ONLY. In police case it have some specifics as all officers can chase criminals but only under normal server role-play rules. Enforce no-access is correct (for non sa players) only when SA made some agreement about this. But we do not have such agreement atm and therefore atm only SA pilots can chase ppl with no-access in Omega-3.

    ... and what count for O3: we allowed some clans (police) and some freelancers to enforce law in our system, so they can there freely hunt criminals, but ONLY under server rp rules.