Surprising encounter

  • GMG base in Omega-3 system just informed Fleet Admiral Forlon about unidentified ship passing space close to the base but not close enough to get ship full identification. Part of ship ID pointed only to ship origin, which was one from bases in Hiruga system. Hiruga? ... hmm, it are ages when was last seen ships from there! thought admiral And all these ships were owned by pirates using SMG tag ... Sirius Marauders Gang, this name brought memories about long hunts, fights and old glory ... could be really possible that ... .

    Small police ship started patrol on Freeport, checked trade-lane to Cambridge and then entered patrol path leading to Douglas. Near Sprague in ship cockpit silently sounded ''beep'', scanner just detected unknown ship. Identification protocols were started, first data appeared on display.

    APC ship: Armor 44.6k, Cargo 450, fully armed. Ship ID: SMG, used license: Smuggler, Cargo scan in progress .... Police ship pilot was clearly surprised. From all possible results, which this patrol could give, was this one the less expected. Surprise also gave SMG pilot little free time for safe dock on Freeport. Cargo scan was finished at that moment and revealed many different escape pods ... and also load of Artifacts! In next moment freighter undocked and in his cargo was no slightest sign for any contraband. SMG pilot when asked about this defended himself with words, that there must be mistake, his ship purpose is only for local Corsairs and Xenos hunt and legal trade...

    Very interesting. Can be that 'old player' entered Crossfire arena in a new role? We will see where this will going ... :)  thought Admiral while his ship was docking on Freeport.