Game chrashes right after buying 1st Ship

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  • Hello Together,

    i just installed freelancer vanilla; then mod manager and then the crossfire 1.9 mod (downloaded at

    After the first 2 video sequences (when i should look for my first ship), i go to ship trader and choose a ship. When i click on "Select Ship",

    the game crashes immediately to desktop without any error report. It does not matter, which of the 3 ships i pick; game crashes with all -.-

    I have just set up my whole windows new, so there is no old save folder or older mod data existing !!!

    Would be happy if someone could help !

    AMD 965 x 4 Deneb
    8 GB Ram
    ATI HD 7870 with 2048 MB
    ...should be fine so xD

    Cheers !

  • Juni: "Ill be in the equipment room later. You can meet me there..."

    The equipment room is not the ship trader and you dont buy a ship... you get one assigned.
    With other words, its working exactly like the original game.



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  • @maishaf74: FL will crash ... happen to me during CF 1.9 beta-test.