Good bye everyone.

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  • As a smuggler I feel fucked up either way ... (;

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  • Nah, either way from cop or pirate, but other smugglers or mercenaries are cool for Tyrael :P

    Alex_G41 : kk then, let's see how you handle police RP, notice that "pay fine or die" is NOT an option xD

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  • so, I decided that creating new chars is too tired :D
    because I can not leave the server is completely I decided to just change the license.
    Now i will be a COP guys :))) you're welcome
    see ya in space all :D

    with that being said:

    Police Licence source:

    You got plenty of opportunities to make up a good story and good rp.
    Just don't fly around and run wild, shooting everyone you see. (Exeption of that may be, if they have a pirate license mounted)

    PS this thread ~closed~

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