Fight in California 2012-10-28

  • Preview: Admiral Forlon entered SAOC in Omega-3 and Watch Officer reported to him message sent by Lt. Glen Morangie (WHISKY). "Interesting, it looks we have very nice Alien Organisms trading route!", thought Admiral. After he checked com panel, he found in space another SA pilot Lt. Commander Solid Snake (SNAKE). Coded group channel was created and shortly after one Mining Ship and two Soulforge Trains set their courses to Manchester. To ensure that everything goes well, decided admiral move his personal ASF fighter to middle of trading area (... lucky idea as showed soon). After was started dangerous loading operation from BPA Newgate, in Manchester appeared pirate ship tagged by LP ( {LP}50Pack{X}). Loading was accelerated and three SA ships carefully headed to JG to California. Luckily pirate left space for a short moment and when he returned he only with disbelief watched that his prey had left his hunt area. Pirate followed traders and found them in neutral zone New York. SA Admiral was sure that pirate will try his luck again and decided to little trick him. His train used different course as two remaining SA ships and pirate followed him ... and lost his track when train left TL and around Sun headed to West Point Military Academy. From there was admiral quickly transported to Planet California Minor and he joined traders as armed escort. Pirate was nicely surprised when his ship reached planet and instead defenseless trading ships he found fully armed fighter.


    After Admiral scanned pirate ship, ... he found also mounted CSF license! This moment decided about next affairs ... CSF fighter was asked about surrendering due his ASF space violation. But he decided to fight and covertly called for help. Soon after this fight started and CSF ship was badly damaged. But before was CSF intruder blown to dust, Willard station sent for ASF defender a warning ... two ships (likely hostile) heading to combat zone. When on scanners showed another LP pilot ({LP}Marauder-T-{X}) with mercenary support (aurelcici003) was about time for a tactical retreat. This was unpleasant surprise ... successfully escaped, but with failing engines and damaged weapons, alone ASF ship landed on Planet California Minor. CSF forces after this decided to visit Willard Station and this offered enough time to sent emergency signal to ASF Headquarters. Fortunately SA's pilot Lt. Morangie was at that time already on his move to California and there was also good chance that ASF leader Gunny will be able join fight. In next two hours people on Willard Station witnessed heavy fight near station in blue nebulae. CSF forces were strong, but not enough to be able defeat a determined ASF defenders! People in California started to celebrate, CSF attack was stopped and theirs ships left system.

    ASF office somewhere in California system:
    ASF Captain and SA clan commanding officer Forlon was in very bad mood ... how demonstrated desk debris in room corner.. "This situation is unacceptable!!! ... CSF attacking us on our territory is something we can't allow to happen next time. Folks, take a look on this map! Is time to repay theirs kindness and to visit ..."

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