Crash to desktop when buying a new ship

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  • Hi,

    ever since I let the launcher upgrade from 1.82 to v1.9 I can't buy new ships anymore. Everything else, like buying weapons, trading, flying missions, cutscenes etc. works fine.
    When I click on 'Select Ship' I see the animation of a new window being created and then I crash back to the desktop. The game remains open for a few seconds in the background (music still playing, can't switch back) and then the standard Windows 7 application crash message pops up. Of course it doesn't find a solution online.

    Btw. I've successfully applied the tutorial on widescreen resolutions. (…utorials/fl-on-widescreen )

    So far I've only played single player.

    A few oddities I've noticed: The lauchner is downloading new files every start (starting with file 13), even though I've let it finish for several times until it says 'Done' and the Multiplayer button comes available. But I don't *have* to wait for the downloads to finish. Single player starts right away.
    When starting the game the splash screen (background picture) still says v1.82. In the title screen in the bottom left there is a "Crossfire Mod 1.8" bitmap and on the bottom right is "24/7 Crossfire v. 1.9" written with the game font.
    Is it possible the laucher didn't update properly? How do I fix it?

    Any help is appreciated.

  • the launcher does not support upgrades from version 1.82 to later versions
    actually version 1.82 is not supported at all
    launcher updates only work if version 1.9 is already installed

    that btw. explains why it is crashing



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  • So the launcher automatically corrupts my Crossfire installation instead of at least warning or better yet refusing to upgrade? Maybe that should be mentioned somewhere obvious.

    So now I have to reinstall freelancer, modmanager and download Crossfire 1.9 to fix it? Or can I just download and integrate and activate v1.9 into FLMM?

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  • Alright, fair enough.

    Too bad I'm on a mobile connection so I can't download the full v1.9 yet.

    Thanks for the quick answer though and awesome mod btw. ;)