CSF spotted in ASF territory 2012-08-15

  • Admiral Forlon entered into a Operation room in SAOC (GMG base, Omega-3). Information registers showed two active bounties, both in Edge Worlds systems. "Looks like good occasion to test my ASF fighter!" he thought. Transport beam was activated - destination New Berlin. All ship's system showed green lights, had been time to launch into a space. First target was hunted, found and killed in Utopia, autopilot was set to second target last location. In Omega-5 suddenly actualized small side information screen informing about bounty placed bounty on admiral's head "Riebens[CSF] has just placed 3.000.000 Credits on the head of SA_FORLON(ASF) ... checking ... CSF pilot in Frankfurt? "... This must be bad joke, no one is flying under CSF flag those days!" But bounty looked very real and hostile pilot in ASF territory too. Was needed to change plans, com system was activated and showed another available ASF pilot - Silver Arrows Captain Raiden. She reported that her ship is now ongoing small re-equipping in Omega-3 and will be ready for action in very short time.

    Sigma-13, near Yanagi Depot: Admiral's ship docked for restoring munition lost in fights with Corsairs and Red Hessians and checked actual CSF pilot location. When system shows that CSF fighter moved from Frankfurt to Dresden, was decided to return to New Berlin when scanner shows another bounty-hunter Aurelcici. Next short fight ended when missile salvo fired from ASF ship hit big rocky fragment (which appeared directly ahead ASF ship) instead bounty hunter (nice suicide ... ;) ). Fortunately friendly trader was able to track admiral's escape pod and deliver him to Yanagi Depot. This unfortunate matter delayed CSF hunting, but not for very long!

    Stutgart, jump-gate from New Berlin. CSF target was found and fight started. Alas it looked, that pilot flying under CSF flag had his tactics very well prepared. In next hour had two ASF pilots full hands with searching their target which cleverly used "hit-run" tactics. Target also changed often his docking base until was caught near Freiburg Station. After fight against two ASF pilots was his ship highly damaged and he withdraw through Omega-7 to CSF system Omega-5.

    "It was nice action" commented later Admiral in bar on Freeport-1 ( Omega-3 ). "We will need raise our attention from now, it looks that CSF decided to restore operations and I'm sure that we will see our CSF friend Riebens in our territory soon again :) .