Unknowns 3012/04/20

  • Prologue: 3012

    Repair shipRepair ship piloted by Captain Connor O'Neill just ongoing testing phase and is almost ready for supporting Fleet operations. So far was all going good, but Captain was sure that time remaining for testing will end soon. Latest news from Nomad systems were alarming, few last explorers included small expedition performed by Admiral Forlon and Lieutenant Solid Snake reported heavy nomad presence.

    Battleship ArsenalGear

    was during that operation heavily damaged and will need spent few weeks in Tripoli Shipyard before will be again operational.

    Omega-3, SA Operations Centre

    Admiral Forlon had reread repair ship report maybe 10 times.

    "This looks simply too good for ship with almost zero hull! Ship crew is still “green“, but we are running out of time fast"

    . Contract for delivery sensor data with fights against nomad carrier was accepted and is out of question to disappoint a customer. They actually asked about results but alas all sensor data from ArsenalGear were destroyed during desperate retreat. SA Command launched special Alert with orders to gather sensor data during operation in unknown systems

    "... start is set on tomorrow, we will see …"

    Omicron Gamma, Planet Crete

    Small fighter just docked on big Inquisitor dreadnought. This ship belongs to IOC and hers captain decided participate on this operation. He was sure that Nomad forces in Unknowns can’t be so numerous and strong.

    "My heavily armed ship with 900k armor is able to destroy all threats and repair ship will be not needed at all."

    Battleship slowly undocked and tiny repair ship entered formation. Destination: Lower Unknown (Planet Primus). Two ships entered green nebula and were accompanied by another ship, fighter piloted by freelancer Riebens. Old veteran which home became Planet Sprague in Omega-3.

    First encounterFew light nomads patrols were destroyed quickly and everything looked good. Repair ships docked at Primus and battleship with two fighters headed to jump hole leading to Unknown-3 (yellow). This heavily cloudy system is full of hidden dangers included deadly areas full of explosive gases. Small fleet was not able even enter cruise when appeared Lich accompanied with many small support ships. Alarms sounded in all three humans ships and fight started. Nomads were destroyed quickly, but battleship got first hull damage and mission just started. Next few fast battleships groups attacks served probably only for lowering human defence. First meeting with Nomad carrier was shock despite all were prepared. This huge ship simply appeared from nowhere and launched big pack of bombers. Such fast attack prevented use dreadnought torpedoes and fight took place on a short distance. In the end was carrier destroyed, but human dreadnought was on 1/10 hull and was given order to retreat.


    "To bring here repair ships was not bad idea"

    thought admiral Forlon when his fighter destroyed last nomad fighter over Primus. Repair undocked during last attack and despite fight was able repair dreadnought hull quickly and efficiently. Repairs ended, sensor data were backupped in repair ship computers. Three ship returned to unknowns. Second expedition scenario was almost the same as first one and repair ship crew gathered real experience fast. Soon all forget count how many times was needed repairs. All knew, that they need find and destroy last, third carriers and fill fully sensor database.



    Unknown 2 (blue).

    Slightly damaged Dreadnought was cruising between Planets Parium and Horath searching for last target and his crew used this situation also for exploring this beauty but hostile system. Finally, scanners showed biggest nomads ship, but ... BUT carrier came with company and with completely different idea how this battle should end … they decided destroy all humans intruders at all costs. Carrier, Lich, two battleships and countless smaller ships like gunboats and bombers attacked at once and without mercy. But human pilots proved as too difficult opponents. Fighters were able distract Nomads big ships fire in very close combat, Dreadnought was able to move little away and his turrets were hot as hell from continuous firing. Silence when this last big fight ended was almost painful.

    Mission EndedFighters entered formation with Dreadnought and together headed fast out of unknown systems using last time repair ships services. This operation was full success despite using only small fleet without losing a single ship. Admiral Forlon and freelancer pilot Riebens meet IOC Dreadnought Captain Cresthen aboard his ship in captain's cabin . Both guests took with them few bottles. Later only rumors were said about wild celebration aboard dreadnought. Success in operation, real battle experience, new friendships and euphoria from surviving … more good reasons for little unbounded fun.