A Night in the Life of a Pirate (all nightmare long)

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  • I wake up later in the day with a strange feeling.
    I must say that last night I just abused the rum and I do not remember how I joined my room.
    Finally I slept a dreamless sleep and especially without nightmare ...

    The time to heat a cup of coffee I connect to the neural network in order to know the latest news.
    Nothing to report.
    An alarm will flash at the Calendar icon, I click and discovered an entry: 'Abras Birthday'
    I send a message to the good old Abras I have not seen for a long time.

    While drinking a coffee I try to remember what I did yesterday.
    I just remember a conversation at the bar of the station, which concerned a new market for container.
    A few words come to my memory: New Tokyo, New Berlin, beryllium ..

    Yes it is ... convoys of train travel from NT to NB with containers on board and I am wondering how to get of this information.

    I get into my fighter and take the direction of NT.
    Arrived on site I see that there is no target on scanner, all trains are in Honsu and Sigma 13.
    We will have to be patient.

    5 minutes after a train comes near the planet NT, but I do not have time to intercept it initiates the procedure for docking to Ropongi.
    I run the procedure still claim the tax and the driver of the train I promise to leave the station quickly to pay me.
    Everything is going well! Except that a message appears on the system console 'Here the police ... do not pay we come to help you!'

    S**t a cop and a high level!
    I prefer not to take risks. I turn on my cruise engines and take distance.
    I look in space, but the cop is still around and continues to protect the NT system.
    I finally decided to direct me to the NB system.

    In NB I got to take the JH to Sigma 13 and wait for the trains come to me.
    Finally a first 'client' comes and after a short pursuit I can make him pay.

    A second convoy of two trains enter the system Sigma from Chugoku
    I prefer to apply directly for admission to each of these trains before they have been in visual, but of course they prefer to take the flight to Frankfurt the system.
    Big mistake on their part. I take the TL to the jump gate of Franfurt and take the 2 train in ambushes.
    Two more taxes!
    It must be said that this money is welcome because I lost a lot of money in the game these days!

    I hesitate a moment whether I am going to retire but new potential prey are reported in NB.
    Arrived on site there is no train with container just a new guy but his ship is empty.
    No need to try to tax: This kind of guy would rather die than pay when their cargo is empty.
    I'll wait for him to return with a cargo ...

    Suddenly a message: 'Here the police. Stop taxing and come to fight'
    This is the same cop that earlier to NT.
    I hesitate a moment as I am on a Haidar, a good ship against NPCs and trains but not against high-level fighter.
    I have already abandoned the place in NT because of the cop and I will not escape me again.
    me: 'Where are you?'
    Him:'at planet'
    me:'ok omw'

    I take the first TL to the planet and I emerge near the planet NB.
    And then I have a big surprise: the cop is there but on a train!
    I am so surprised that I am stuck!
    But not the cop, he gives me the message of defiance 'Defend' and immediately opens fire.
    Coalition Turrets cause significant damage to my shield, but I am so surprised that I need a few seconds to avoid its shots.
    I try to put out of reach of turrets, but the cop continues to shoot me.
    Now that's enough! I urge the fight and after a few passes the train explodes, debris begins to fall toward the planet.

    I quickly scanned the area looking for an escape pod but nothing.
    The cop is dead at the controls of his ship in battle.

    I head for the station Kreuzberg thinking about events that have just taken place.

    Until now the cops are ruthless enemies for me, but today I met a man who did his duty to the end without any chance to save his life.
    The policeman called [DC] Sphinx. That his fellow clan and other police know he did his duty with honor to the end.

    But for me? Where are glory and honor?

    I dock at Kreuzberg station and head immediately to the bar.
    I'll drink beyond reason.
    Tonight maybe I will sleep without dreams and especially without nightmare ...

    ps: Dedicated to all the players that keep the spirit of Rp on this server.

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  • duty, ... glory, ... dying :(
    hmmmm, ...
    duty, ... glory, ... taxed and dying :eeeek::tot:
    hmmmm, ...
    duty, ... glory, ... taxed and dying ...... respawn :pupillen: ?
    hmmmm, ...
    duty, glory, taxed and dying,..RESPAWN , FUN ALL NIGHT LONG :walklike::police:


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