Cyberpunk 2077 - patch 1.2

One week ago was released much anticipated patch 1.2 for Cyberpunk 2077. List of changes is quite impressive and this game update is also big (around 40GB for PC). You can read release notes here if you don't mind read really long wall of text. I will note short summary of changes below. Is also good to know, that game state on consoles is still (with 1.2 patch) imo subpar when compared with decent PC, and I really doubt that this can ever singnificantly change for old gen consoles like PS4 or Xbox One. My personal view is that CD Project highly misjudged hardware needs for theirs game engine and in conjuction with time needed to create this game it resulted in a disaster in time of game release in December last year. Can be with certainty said, that Cyberpunk 2077 can be a challenge even for the most powerful gaming rigs and offers incredible graphic/views of dystopian metropolis after global climate catastrophe. However, if you don't mind to have not a Ray Tracing effects in game, then you can run game on ultra settings (stable 45-55 fps) with rather old graphic cards (as GTX 1070 Ti) in 1080p. I have read some people complains about poor game stability with stronger cards (RTX series), but with more as 500 hours played I myself had maybe 3 crashes in total, and so far not one in the ver. 1.2 with dozens of hours played. I have also good experience with Cyberpunk play on Geforce NOW servers, but this need quite stable and fast internet connection.

Summary of changes introduced with Patch 1.2:

  • Was added sensitivity control for vehicles steering, and numerous vehicles got own steering modifications. This together had very significant (positive) impact and now you really can enjoy riding in Night City with practically all available vehicles. I did not tested all of them, but those which I have (even the most oversteering) are now with some practice decently manageable.
  • Were repaired numerous smaller (or bigger) bugs in missions and this including scenes. There still remain some problems (from what I have read), but personally I had so far not any notable issues in my 4th playthrough and I'm now somewehere in 1/3 of story (char lvl 22/50).
  • Environment received numerous visible changes, this include NPCs movements, reactions of NPCs to danger, cutscenes and dialogue quality, damage to surfaces with shots, effects for melee weapons etc.
  • Were repaired some of nonfunctional character perks (including descriptions), mods of clothes and displayed character stats. I have read that not all is fully working yet, but amount of problem in this area was highly reduced.
  • Were done changes to offerings of goods in clothing stores, huge changes ... I saw now numerous clothes which was never there before and they now much better follows V's character progression. But still (take it please as warning) I have read that there still persists issue with legendary blueprints for clothes, which are being offered mostly only on your fist visit to shop. It is therefore better to visit clothing stores later in the game, when money is no longer a problem and you have no problem buying these plans the first time you visit.
  • Numerous exploiting mechanisms were removed, corrected and this mainly for crafting. I still have doubts that they have nailed balance right, but overall it is imo now much better. I.e. it is now vital to regularly visit weapons vendors, because you want buy components (which are in 1.2 much cheaper and in much bigger stocks) needed for crafting, because you no longer can produce them by just simple disassembling of things you made yourself. You can now also mass produce some of things (like ammunition), but sadly not mods of clothing or weapons, where this functionality would be very useful too.
  • There were done some changes to police forces spawn mechanism (i.e. they now do not spawn right in player back) but it is still very far from mechanisms seen in games like GTA. Personally I do not have issue with this, if you want now succesfully fight police, you do not have much time to look around. If you do, there is quite good chance to be instantly flatlined ... However, the police mechanism still remains as one of the most criticized functionalities.
  • Language settings in game main menu are saving now, so you no longer need to change them on every game start ... really, this small bug was real PITA and is great that it has been finally solved.

There still persist some issues, in game are not present some of expected features and you can still see graphic glitches, ... but good is that was officially announced that work on Cyberpunk 2077 will be continued and further improvements will be coming during this year including free DLC.

My personal feeling is, that now is game in state (for PC), in which was to be released. There also are unconfirmed news (based on changes to game files in 1.2) about more DLCs which may add some of missing (or maybe better to say unfinished at time of game release) features. But all this are at best guesses/wishes, because CDPR have significantly changed communication strategy. There is now hard to expect that anything will be announced much in advance. Official comments are now only very sparse, it's more or less NoManSky communication "scenario" after disastrous game release.

Below is just a small taste of Night City look ...