Fleet Daeinos Warbird Destroyer

The Daeinos' most striking trait is by far the change in appearance enabled its Dynamic Tactical System. The console effectively turns the Daeinos into a "transformer", with three different appearances based on its mode.
In its default Regenerative Mode, the Daeinos resembles the T'varo Light Warbird with a tapering aft, nacelles on the wingtips, and wings swept forward and up. The Daeinos differs in that it has a protruding forward "neck" and "head" section, not unlike that seen on the Mogai Heavy Warbird.
When engaging Tactical Mode, hidden panels in the Daeinos' head, neck, and center hull split and protrude, revealing the glowing green Plasma Lotus Array. The nacelles articulate downwards, locking to the underside of the wings instead of on the wingtips.
When preparing for warp or traveling in Sector Space, the Daeinos extends a small "tail" from the aft, and the rear ventral impulse engines flip outward to enhance warp travel.

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