Days 10 and 11

Screenshot collection from days 10 and 11 of the journey into the Core. Karina is now in two thirds of the way, only a little over 7k ly remain to go.

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  • That dark nebula looks strange...

    • This nebulae covers sphere-area with radius circa 50 ly. I'm here very close (ship jump range is circa 37 ly), and the light coming from the galaxy core significantly affects colours (from one side it will look bright red, from another red-black to black). Overall appearance is based on Milky Way galaxy model by Frontier Development and from what I have read it's quite real looking "copy".

    • I wonder what a sight might it be from inside :)

    • From inside you can only note faint presence of added red color to the sky box. Its little weird/surprising, but the nicest views are from systems which are just on borders (from outside) of the nebulaes. I was little disapointed when I visited nebulae for a first time, but this is how it works :). Nebulaes are often places with biological activity and these can be found at different interesting POIs on landable planets. I earlier posted screenshot from one such biological POI ...