Day 14 - Gandharvi

Today I arrived on my 9th "stop" which is Gandharvi System (6,4k ly to Colonia, 15,6k to Sol). It have two stations, one is big Caravanserai (on screenshot) with shipyard and basic outfitting, second smaller orbital outpost (also with outfitting). Unfortunatelly, here aren't available all necessary tools for deep-core mining about which I was thinkning for a moment. Is missing only special scanner, which is, alas, crucial for this type of mining operations.

However shipyard presence is important, I used it for transfering here my T7 ship (it costed 25m and will be need two days!) and because I have there big cargo racks, I should be able to do 1-2 normal mining runs in local space to restore funds. Karina is not as rich as her father and finances are obstacle. For example transfer here T9 (with huge cargo space) costs 150 millions. I little regret lack of proper preparations, because I could buy necessary mining equipment in the Bubble and now tranfering it here ... well, another experience has been acquired.

Local space have special atmosphere, skybox is filled with hundreds of close stars which bring cold and strong light ... so much different to the black space in the Bubble .. I knew it will be, ... but to knew and to see is quite difference :)