Forlon's fly log 0014 - Elite Dangerous: Synteini


"Yes?" asked Forlon which was just awaken by private call. Last day he arrived in middle of the night and instead going to his [tooltip=Main station in Yaroklis system]Marsden City[/tooltip] offices, he went to sleep in one from the first-class cabins onboard his python. It was his trusty buddy Deborah: "Apology Sir, but in our offices was just now an [tooltip=The Sovereign Justice Collective players minor faction]SJC[/tooltip] police officer with [tooltip=Advanced Tactical response]ATR[/tooltip] troops looking for you. It seems like he is highly interested with your latest work for [tooltip=Afli Patron's Principles]APP[/tooltip] in Afli, specifically he have mentioned stolen data from theirs non-public Data point on planet Lacab Kui E3 ....". Forlon: "Oh damn, it looks that the space controlled by the SJC is not the best for me just now, please contact our docks in Phiagree and send me the Katana to the Gessi Keep City in Sowii. I had from there earlier working offers because this concrete place is ruled by the local military, and they are highly interested by actively suppressing pirates activity in adjacent systems. I can also visit an nearby Thorwal's HQ, Synteini. I have there some contacts and can be a good time to use them."

Python registered under the name Unicorn safely entered landing pad's hangar of the Gessi Keep. Forlon has paid docking fee for a week, and then headed to dock 9 where are stored transported ships. He have entered ship registration code into dock terminal, and automated conveyor moved Katana from deep of the store into landing pad. Ship system check was done quickly, all controls light were shining green. He then contacted some from local employers and without a surprise accepted few anti-pirate missions in the Synteini system. "Is about a time to leave", thought Forlon, and his FDL quickly left planet's atmosphere and entered the hyperspace.

Synteini is a highly populated system well known for being both the home and headquarters of senator Zemina Torval, a major figure from the Empire. After exiting the hyperspace Forlon has noticed on the HUD an icon of the Capital ship stationed in this system, and then he shook his head in disbelief how is here possible to have any kind of pirate activity. But some things were needed to be done first, and Forlon therefore set-up course of the ship to the planet Synteini A 4. A 4 is nice water_world, on whose low orbit is stationed big Coriolis type station named the William Sargent Vision. This particular station is an tourist hub and have therefore the finest equipment and best paying missions from local employers. Katana has been refuel and armed with special high explosive ammunition for huge cannon used as main weapon, and then Forlon picked up his ship off the docking pad slowly heading to the station mail-slot.


The Katana was in supercruise only for a few seconds, when on radar appeared an suspicious ship icon. Quick scan revealed "Wanted" status and soon after had started the first from many "interdiction" races of this day. It was more as two hours later when were destroyed all 20 pirate ships as required the biggest contracts acquired in Sowii system. Forlon was really tired at that time, but because there were more different employers asking for the same "kills", he with smile thought about what he can do with all these anonymous moneys coming to his account.


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  • I haven't been here before, but I recognize a couple of your friends names: Ajay, R8R. I think you spend a bit of time, or did, her and why not. It reminds of the days I "played" F22 Lightning 2 by Novalogics with two of my great mates: Home Fries and Nephelin. Thrustmaster Joysick, Throttle, Peddles, .... head camera, audeo headset with someone screaming at you: "Your six Wombat, your six!!!". God we three controlled the sky in our own small way. Yes there was a forum but you had to be good, dedicated and a team player to join us. F22 L2 was never as tough as the F16 sim but very enjoyable. I used to shoot people down in those days ......... Wombat out.

    • ED is most of time "solo" player experience unless you want cooperate, or want PvP etc (and then it open new possibilities for players) and it still improves. From controls view ... freelancer/crossfire is easy game when confronted :) ... but with all this time when I play it, I get used to it.