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    Megaship Adamastor

    Note: this article may contain references to the biography of Martind Forlon.

    While relaxing in local station bar I opened Galnet and read latest news. One from articles called "Ghost Ship arrives in Chukchan System" raised my interest. At first I thought it will be one from those old huge Generation ships (usually found as abandoned wrecks), which were able travell only at sublight speed, but then I found some notes saying that this may be something little different. I not needed much time for deciding to go there, and thought which ship may be the best choice for journey there. In the end I choosed my newly purchased Imperial Clipper which I equipped for survival in hostile space ... news like that always attract also rogue commanders and possibility to be attacked are high. However in so fast ship, like Imperial clipper is, and which is equipped with high capacity fast recharging shield, can pilot feel quite safe, unless he do bigger serie of own mistakes. Nice look, very good

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