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  • Hello Merenaro.

    Part of my volunteer job here at CF2.0 is to prepare System maps and data for uploading to here at WIKI. I'm also a rare visit to MP, hence for me to move around in MP is impossible. With the preparation of maps and data, I try and include any freely available information about MP clans, bases, etc. An example of this is Sigma-17 regarding a (now named) MP base but not its

    location. This was approved by the clan leader at Sigma-17, dented_ship. See here.

    At the moment what we have for Purian Lake is shown here. I (we) would like to add the name of your MP base to the Data section. As clan leader I seek your approval to do the same, as I've done at Sigma-17.

    If you approve, please provide me with the base's name for its inclusion.

    Thank you.

  • hey looking to enquire about your clan? Hit me back up

  • hi mercenaro are you recruiting mate

  • Hi mate, the cha i was flying when it was turned into your Train was. MisF!t if the name can be changed and I can keep the Train, it would be great and it will save me having to delete the cha completely. ???? :) :) :) kind of an icredible thing but it happened. :) :) :)

  • kia ora boss how are you :)