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    Just in addition:
    Remember the "Last Shine of Ksygon-Geleon" (yeah-yeah, that same battleship )?

    It was a fragment of big composition project (named "Heart of Land of the Morning Star") in very old programm and software - my first composition work which marked the direction of my future works. The project abandoned after crashing of old sounbanks but recorded fragment remastered in 2013 and published as "Last Shine".

    So, the work on the project now restored (but divided into several parts due to its length). But is written in the new program of course :)


    What would you prefer?

    Well, if you ask...

    Actually, FL is unique becouse I can't play any fly-sims becouse they're just too specialized. After "IL-2" sim I finally figured out that I'm not a pilot. There is no related game that was not deleted after 1-4 missions. Only FL. Becouse it's easy enough for beginners but also deep enogh as a universe - not just "from mission-to mission", but exactly the universe. With story and many things to explore.
    May be I'm not a Pilot but I'm space-explorer. I like to read ingame stories like forgotten journals of abandoned ships to to find out what happened, or perhaps becouse of anomaly. I like when universe is really deep and especially when exploration adventures have rewards. The feeling of the pioneer. The First, as you wish.
    And yeah, I like the battleships. But when they are real, and not balanced only for multiplayer to the condition of carton (or to reverse the case of local "death-star" wunderwaffe). May be I'm not a pilot, but i'm tactic and strategist. Commanding the wings and cruiser itself can (and actually should) use Homeworld moving and attacking controls, icluding separate target tracking and firing systems. Ship also can use special active options and skills interface like Homeworld-type. Becouse it's tactic ship and sometimes - strategy ship (in hands of someone smart enough like Great Britain).
    About the strategy elemetns. My lovely simulator is "Space Rangers" becouse of completely dynamic economy, reputation, missions, technology and global situation. There is no need to roleplay as pirate or warrior when you can just BE him and change you mind when you wish (but meet all the consequences of previous decisions). You can try command. Or you can just obey. You can plan the whole war, or just live the day. It is much more interesting and enjoyable to see the living universe with as much ways to play as possible. If I will only see the sim game, which will also propose me to explore space, find a new planet, lead the colonizers to see the see the real colony after the time... yeah... then I'll be really impressed.

    But it's matter of taste. That's why i'm still mostly playing games like Universe Sandbox, Europa Universalis and Sins of Solar Empire and don't even try the space sims without good reason...


    I like used music much :), but unsure about captured videos quality (scene compositions looks ok) which are mostly far from CF 2.0 graphics.

    Ahmm... The video was a tribute to Freelancer as a whole game and community.
    If you want to CF video - that's ok, but I haven't any video material. So it looks like it will be a bit not my job :)


    (myself have only little free time, this music deserve captured video scenes with SweetFx at FullHD)

    Ayyyyeup :-\

    ... And suddenly here comes me with gifts to CF community. Actually, it should happened almost year ago, but yeah... as usual: IRL, other projects, other interests...

    Anyway. Once upon time (c), the project was planned. Soon, Forlon sent me the request to create something for CF 2.0.
    It was challeging work but interesting. So, I'm ready to publish it (with own video tribute if you do not mind), aswel as some other tracks what also can be used if devteam want :)

    Track style: Score\Instrumental with elements of epic
    Track music base: Friendly encourage, Nomad Lair, music dangerous chase, upcoming action heavy, victory long, victory short, M13 Hypergate scene

    OST type: title music\trailer music\credits music

    All downloads available on my main stream for free (but if you want to support me - thats ok :) )

    In addition (some previous projects which aforementioned):

    1. Space Walk - looping ambient type

    2. World Creation - epic ambience, recomended for protosystems

    And final word.

    As far as I know, the game using standard looping technology for scoring, but Im'n not programmer. So if you really want it, then I can try to creatine something another. But then I will need to know all the specifics and possibilites: for example, if the game usic only standard start-end looping, than I can not write introdusions exept for cutscenes.

    And yeah, hello everyone. Long time no see :)

    Ok. What else can affect the operation of the pop-up menu?

    Additional Information: menu in the "Notifications", "Jcoins" and other tabs in line work fine. The talking only about the main menu-tabs in the header.



    guess that belongs to the job of every engineer ;D

    Well... With full specialization all of it appears even more fun.

    And thanks. Most importantly, that career would not start to enjoy myself :)

    SA_ Martind Forlon:
    Thaks. Nice to see you too ^_^

    Actually I don't really know for how long I'll be there. What can I say, in all that time, much has changed. University was successfully completed, and I am now officially an engineer dealing with emergencies. However, I've decided to take a year of self-determination of my future path, because crossroads are serious, and each path is worth something.
    Anyway, for now I'm free to do anything and rest from this strange life :D
    Thanks to the so-called "Bronies", I got very much inspiration on music creation, so already complete 8 tracks for last year apart from sigle track "Last Shine of Ksygon-Geleon" created on 2013.
    So... I'm on the the crossroads :)

    The bad news is only one thing: for some reason, I'm out in any multiplayer game for more than two years - just have no enthusiasm :\