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  • Howdies. Spot available for Freelancer fan since golden days of gaming ? Wish good rest of the year to everyone o/

  • hi all in the clan are you accepting anymore thanks in advance

    • also im looking to join a clan that has English speaking players if possible as i am fluent English and be great to be able to understand everyone im happy to share cost of clan base ie share the cost i think its a great idea to share it out i am a smuggle atm and i enjoy it just looking to be part of something bigger than myself

  • Greetings Camelot

    After my humble request for acceptance into the Clan,I'm officialy in.

    Thank you for granting me the opportunity to participate in the growing of the most avangard clan in Sirius.

  • Greetings, if there will be more info about this new clan, I will gladly add it into CF wiki, just leave me message please. Good luck with getting rich in no time :D ... ;)

    • Greetings Martind and thank you! I am working on the clan description now, as well as on polishing the system rules (making them enjoyable to be read) , and will ask for your help when done - cheers, mate! :)

  • Welcome You Smuggle..Traders I am Sure That Our Clans Will, Have Differences of

    Some Sort or Another Over the Vast Expanse of Time & Space. So I Say on Behalf of the |TSH| CLAN !!!

    Welcome to You All !!!

    • Thank you Tribbs for your welcoming message as well as for your help in the past :)

      I'm sure that police officers and bad guys can coexists peacefully - if the price is right perhaps ?