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    Oi.....I have no clue, best option from a untechnical guy is to find something else to do around the house and do a freeflight to the next planet, or unfortunatly, straight to Earth via open space. It'll take a good chunk of time, but once you get into the Coalition systems and such you'll learn patience.

    You mean the Neptune gate is your just entering Sol. Also they are inter-system gates. In Starlancer (which is what CF is based a lot off of) the Coalition used warp gates to transverse around the solar system. The gates here go from the outer planets in this order: Pluto > Neptune > Uranus > Saturn > Jupitor. Once at Jupitor you take a warp bouy to Earth.

    Is this the single or multiplayer version your playing?
    If multiplayer you just refresh your character using F1 > New Character > [your character that you were using]

    There are things of the past that will never be washed away. Jib never cared who he drew into his web of warmongering and made into his tools. My warning was more towards for CF to stop another foolish attempt by Jib, not to help you gain trust with OP or Crossfire, but don't think it selfish. Though I wish it were possible for Jib to gain some sense and grow up, it isn't.

    Personally in my opinion, I think it would be best you cut allegance ties with Jib and Takeo and start a new community on another mod. I'm not saying you can't be friends with them, but don't allow yourselves to be mere cannon fodder for another man's foolish pride. You guys have a chance to make something for yourselves, not many smugglers on Freelancer anymore, just pirates, police, and traders.

    Trust me, join another community and grow. It'll work out. But then again, it is your choice. Stay or not. I'd like things to smooth out between n0x and Crossfire, though you'll have to spearhead that effort yourselves.

    Heh, it was a stupid idea for the colonists to seperate from England, look at us now, we're the strongest nation in the world (well, sort of...).

    It takes a stupid simple idea to bring forth a revolution. Look at genetics and biology. We thought flies magically appeared after a rain shower; abiogenesis, disproven by a expirement brought forth by a stupid idea that turned the world at that point upside down.

    Yeah, I have a bunch of memory stuck in here that I'm gonna swap out. My mom is gonna take this one over and convert it into a business comp for a tax rightoff as well as real business. As for the graphics, I'm not sure if the PCI-Express slot means if I can expand graphics card. Cause I have a nVIDIA GeForce 6800 waiting in the box in my closet.

    :D Got a new monster.

    It is still from E-Machines but the MF'er is very adequet for CF.

    3 GHz processor, 528 MB memory, some sort of laser that scans the disc a hell of a lot better than my other comp. Not to mention my graphics card is initally a nVIDIA GeForce 6100 with a PCI expansion slot. :P

    Cant wait to get this computer up and running on the 'net. I'll be flying a hell of a lot better and smoother.

    :D Hey guys. Looking for two songs. Artists are Jose Peuntes and Liam Westbrook. Liam is a independant artist and I cant even find Jose on his label's site.

    If anyone could find "The Rush" by Westbrook or Jose's "Proactive", can you lemme know? Trying to ID a song from an XGRA game.

    To be on the safe side I'd take out equipment that have been on those characters Burro. Honestly I'd just sell them all and reclaim your money and hunker down for the Coaly fix.

    As for me, both of my fighters have been scrapped as well as my freightor and have been replaced by Patriots on Manhatten dry docks.

    You cannot, it is stupid to be allied with the faction that is trying to kill you and your race. Plus there is no way to get their guns.