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    1. this is an english Forum so write english other Russians also do

    2. here are playing enough other Players from Russia without this Problem so find the Error

    I believe he doesn't speak english, and puts everything through a translator.

    TAYrus_2009 Even though I didn't see any screenshot proof, I assume you done messed up and Dom'Kavash are actually hostile to you.

    Last page, that post about going to Nomad sector and looking for weapons: Did you kill any Nomads AFTER killing the ancient drones in Dervon?

    That could explain it. You must not kill any Nomads after Dervon, especially not in Utopia in the asteroid field.

    Use Difficulty = 0 (godmode) to escape them if you have to. If you really want to use Nomad weapons, farm them BEFORE Dervon.

    But at that point in the story, you're supposed to have Coalition Gattlings. (when you visit Coalition HQ, during Crossfire chapter 5)

    A Titan with MK2 Codenames goes a long way in Sirius, it might even beat the Ancient drones, but it doesn't make the cut in Inner Core.

    At this point, you should just lower the difficulty or use godmode, or reload an old save and get a better ship.

    When you're in Altair, you should at least pick up a new ship (unless you already have something like an Iguana or Chimera)

    a class 9 Champion H. F. Shield and 4 coalition gattlings, and Yakutsk wreck loot missiles too if possible.

    You are allowed to dock on every base during this part (eg. buy a Saracen on Donezk station when you pass it),

    And you can even jump into Yakutsk to loot missiles. I did that too. You just won't be able to set waypoints.

    To those who like the Titan, stop reading here.

    I missed the name of your ship? Can't find a ship with those stats on the wiki.

    Also, against aliens, best loadout is 4x Coalition Gattling, 2 class 9 missiles (have a look around in Yakutsk) and no turret, because it throws off the aim of your gattlings.

    Do NOT use a battleship in the story.

    Just adding to this: the game does not require you to kill any of those aliens. Avoid a fight if you can.

    Get an Advanced Subspace Scanner, at this point in the game you should have the credits for that.

    When aliens show up on your radar, steer away from them, and kill your engines. (requires manual flight, does not work in Go To / Dock)

    If they hit you with a cruise disruptor, fly away from them full speed and do corkscrews so they miss you.

    When you are out of their weapons range, kill your engine and turn back towards them, so they back off , then try to cruise away from them.

    And even when there are no aliens on the radar, stay in Free Flight and do little corkscrews, they tend to spawn mostly in front of you.

    Also saves reaction time because you don't have to cancel the autopilot when aliens show up.

    Alternatively, set your difficulty to God mode, and drink coffee while it's on autopilot to the next system.

    I believe that has something to do with the HUD you chose in the mod install options. I'm not sure how to change that without reactivating / reinstalling the Crossfire mod.

    When I installed mine, I chose Vanilla FL because I was used to that look. It still works in widescreen mode.

    That Nomad city is actually one very long tunnel with a few curves. You can go into turret view and zoom out to see the outside.

    When flying through it, don't go too fast, there is no time limit. Don't fly into anything, because you might get turned around without noticing.

    When your waypoint updates, take note of the direction by going into turret view again and zooming out.

    Before you go, make sure you have a Medium Tractor Beam, and the best Scanner you can afford.

    Also, lowering your graphics details might give you better visibility because less fog.

    Waypoints come In this order:

    1. You will be entering at the top airlock. Fly to the reactor core, away from the airlock

    2. Fly back to the airlock to shoot the power relays.

    3. Fly away from the airlock, past the reactor core, all the way through the 180 degree bend.

    You will pass another reactor chamber before reaching the second set of power relays. You are now flying towards the airlocks.

    4. Destroy the second set of power relays, this will unlock the core in the first chamber. (the one furthest away from you)

    5. Collect the core. (see second screenshot) If you have at least a Medium Tractor beam, you don't have to fly back (realism be damned, but it's a game anyway)

    6. Fly to the bottom airlock and exit.

    On this screenshot, from left to right: 180 degree bend, reactor chambers (top and bottom), power relay chambers (top and bottom), airlocks (top in, bottom out)

    Hi to all! I have a bug in the game. I can't move from the sol system to the Altair sector. After the quest I can't enter the transdimensional hole (c4) there is no docking button.

    Did you actually finish the story up to collapsing the black hole, or did you decline a story mission to take a break and explore? If I recall correctly, you can't take jobs from bars either during those breaks, so I guess you're supposed to stay in Sirius Sector and Sol during those breaks.

    Ok, I won't say Titan (oops, I said Titan) because I never liked that ship much anyway. Sure, it's got the most armor but it's also slower than the Sabre (which has more firepower and is harder to hit frontal and has less weight to it) and the Eagle, which turns faster.

    On Crossfire, my favourite ships are:

    - Iguana (small ship) My favourite fighter for Inner Core because it is about the smallest VHF, and makes you harder to in npc dogfights. Has 1 Torpedo/Disruptor mount.

    - Cayman/Quasar (pvp) superb maneuverability, will out turn anything. But they are easier to hit when fighting groups of npcs and have small cargo space.

    I don't use them for jobs or hunting. Have 2 Torpedo/Disruptor mounts.

    -Chimera: (this one I fly the most) Good balance between size, firepower maneuverability and cargo space. Has 2 mounts for Torpedo/Disruptor, and one additional Disruptor-only mount. It can pvp, and it can dogfight large groups of npcs as good as the Iguana. Has more cargo space too, it's only slightly bigger.

    Yes, you will encounter some locked jumpholes that will remain locked.

    Hokkaido <-> Tohoku is always locked, even during story. When you're in Tohoku, find the Chogoku jumphole, from there you can jump to Hokkaido.

    Alaska <-> New York is always locked, except for mission 11. Best way around is X-3043, Custodian. If X-3043 <-> custodian is locked (dynamic universe), go through Midpoint Rift, Wanderer's Pond and Texas.

    Magellan <-> Leeds should remain open after the story, but it is locked in Multiplayer: take the manchester jumphole in Magellan, then the Leeds jumphole in Manchester.

    Maybe I have been looking at this the wrong way. I was wrong in my earlier post. It seems the problem is not necessarily how long it takes for a fighter to shoot down an afk battleship, the problem is how hard it is to shoot down a fighter that is attacking a battleship. If a fighter is using strafe (let's say a skilled pilot in an Iguana), it is nigh impossible for the battleship to even hit him, and the fighter could be dancing around the battleship all day. In the real world, a fighter that comes too close to a battleship is toast in a matter of seconds. (in real life they have computer guided flak turrets and gattling turrets) If the fighter was stationary, the battleship would shoot him down in a second, based on damage output.

    Maybe we need to make battleships more acccurate against fighters, instead of making them invulnerable to fighters.

    This would result in a swarm of fighters still being able to kill a battleship quickly, but would make it a lot more difficult for a single fighter.

    It also wouldn't mess up the balance in Inner Core and Dervon.

    Cruisers definitely need a buff on weapon range, maybe gunboats too.

    As they are now, cruisers have ~2k range on main gun, which is adequate for hunting alien battleships in inner core, but could be more, as player battleships have up to 2.7k range on the turrets, so it's a bit pointless to use a cruiser in IC.

    And you can just forget about attacking a player battleship in a cruiser, you're dead before you're in range.

    Same for fighters. Even though the damage output is fine, Cruiser turrets only have ~800m range, while fighters can have range up to 1300. If I encounter alien fighters with my cruiser, I can't even kill them.

    Most of this stuff also goes for gunboats.

    And of course, fighters rule them all, even battleships.

    You missed the first chance, but there will be a second chance to decline Juni and look for the Lost Fleet. You won't be as close to it that time, though. Depending how far you're in after the offer you accepted, maybe you want to reload your old save.