Escape Pods in SP story missions

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  • Hi,

    this might be a dumb question but - do pods drop from the ships you shot down during the single player story missions (not between them or a jobs from bars)? I thought they did, but it seems lately I don't get any pods from the downed ships. Is this a bug or a feature? Are the ships equipped/scripted in a special way in the late story missions? I was pretty sure I got lots of pods from the earlier story missions but now I'm on mission 11 and I don't get any pods from those poor ships... Also cruisers and battle ships don't hold any high-price pod either... (e.g. in mission where you are to destroy the prototype nomad battle ships somewhere in Frankfurt, those Rheinlanders are all on autopilot without any pod in the cargo)

  • I dont think mission generated ships have such drops.



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