Rebel Galaxy Outlaw

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  • I think it looks very cool.

    The question is how much freedom the gameplay allows.

    In the end even games like Darkstar One were very much like freelancer but fell short on certain elements that Freelancer had.



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  • Considering its a small development team, its impressive how many options they managed to add. You can be a mercenary, trader, even a full blown pirate. They even included a minigame of pool to play in the stations. And a fully voiced campaign besides that, and 24 hours of music.

  • I haven't played the first RG game as I was a bit put off by the big gunboat and cap ship play as that doesn't seem very Freelancer to me.

    However this new game looks bloody good though. They've switched to fighter based play, named the main character Juno (surely a tip of the hat to FL), and those gorgeous planetary landings is a big tick for me as hardly anyone has done that since Freelancer!! Will definitely be adding this one to my Freelancer Similar games list as it has the potential to taker the number 1 spot for most similar!

    This guy has done a good video review of it:

    Here's some sexy screens I found:

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  • Old thread is old, but the game is currently on sale on GOG for 3.79€.

    -85% Rebel Galaxy Outlaw on

    Sadly, the promised mod kit has not been released, and I doubt it ever will now. You can mod the game a little without it by extracting the pak files and converting the .dat files to .lua files, but the mod kit would've made it probably much easier (and probably allowed for more possibilities).