Styx Nomad Outpost Singleplayer

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  • Hi guys! I was just wondering how I can dock on the Nomad Outpost in the Styx system in single player. I really just want to try the Ragnarok and see whats inside the base. Could anyone tell me or PM me how I can get into the base? I've been trying for hours now but every post I saw including the one saying to attack the power generator and then dock didn't work. Could anyone please help me or give me a hint?

  • its not possible



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  • Hi! Chio4,

    I don't think it's possible in SP.

    ? if someone has figured it out I would also like to know ?

    In MP

    it requires someone with a rail gun and the Ragnarok or another Admin ship to bring down the shield so another player can dock the base.

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