Fast VHF for Dervon.

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  • Hi guys. I'm in Dervon now for CF mission. The bossy guy in the GMC bar asked me to smoke at least 3 ancient ships. The problem is they are a tough son of a Bi@~"%tches.:schimpf: :tommy: Instead of being smoked, I was the one whose head is handed in a platter.:schimpf::girl_devil: Any idea how to dust these guys? Any Tips? Anyone have any idea where I can find a fast VHF ship with a decent hit points and excellent turning point (or is it turn around point? I don't know.). I mean a VHF ship that can fast turn?:sos: Com'n guys, you're the experts. Surely you know a thing or two.:rtfm::zitat::freunde:

  • If you land a Sunslayer Torpedo against a drone's unshielded hull, it will blow off all Drone's guns. Keep in mind, that will cause the Drone to disengage, you can use cruise disruptor to prevent it from escaping.

    Also, Drones overall don't have CM droppers, so missiles might be effective.

    As about a ship, IDK, there's a whole bunch of VHFs that can do this. Not all of them are agile. If I'd have a task to create a purely Drone-killing ship kit, I'd go with Eliminator (with its three torp mounts it can disarm a drone in one salvo). Or with Basilisk, but that's because I <3 Basilisk. Neither of these are particularly agile.

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