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  • Hello

    After a a battle with a taxed player (in a battleship, helped by a mercanary),I wanted to place a premium because I was surprised by the mercenary and killed, but his name of char is to hard to writting (Salange_i_Græsser but in the game i can't writte æ i can just writte ae and that isn't good for the console, SWAT, can you make a system for just select the player and after have the option tax, set bounty .... ?

  • Hello dark,
    you can actually put a bounty on any player online by using his ID number:

    1) type /ids and find your target in the list;
    2) type /setbounty$ <ID> <amount> <days> (e.g. /setbounty$ 5 3000000 3).

    Note the "$" sign in the command - this is the only difference from the normal /setbounty where you need to type a full name.

    Hope this helps :)