comdlg32.ocx errors with IONCROSS and server question

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  • Heh makes sense :D

    Also.. upon playing through the Crossfire Single player I was looking at modifiying my saved files and I was wondering if there is a way to figure out the ID's for the different Items/ships so I can edit specific lines and give myself stuff or remove stuff etc...

    ideas? I found a few links on the web that give like basic stuff but I can't find anything that would give me the updated stuff like the ID code for THOR'S HAMMER Mk2 or WILDFIRE Mk2 etc.. all the different weapons and equipment for Crossfire I cant find it.. onlything I've been able to find were the faction codes listed here Faction names - Freelancer Modding Tutorials - SWAT Portal

  • we never really bothered to create datafiles witht he id codes

    im not even sure if the old tools that can create such files still work



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  • Nope :( I tried Freelancer Companion and it throws abunch of errors then crashes lol

    also again my deepest thanks to everyone here being super helpful as I know I'm full of questions n such. It's been like idk years since I played Freelancer and so far I'm really enjoying it and Crossfire as well.

    Are there any other tools that might be able to do this other than companion?

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