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    I completed the crossfire main story and tried to come back to the lost fleet... and unfortunately the missions don't seem to trigger anymore. I can still fly into arles base but there's no welcoming committee, no scripted storyline etc. Very sad :(

    Just a few thoughts.

    Mission 31, Toledo autosaves as Mission 13, Toledo.

    Also the story is very engaging... edge of seat engaging imo... (although Mission 31 was basically just flying and hoping not to get blown up by many many huge fish...). The evolving plot, atmosphere, visuals and music are actually better executed than the original vanilla storyline.

    I notice the text has some minor grammatical and stylistic points that could do with touching up. Would that be an idea?

    That having been said I actually like that the Dom Kavash "english" doesn't quite sound native... it makes it seem more realistic.

    I finally managed to fly to arles base escorted by neutral renaissance, without the ion cannon firing on me. So that fix worked, thanks a lot!

    However when I returned to omega 3, just as before the trigger did not happen. No juni, no coalition arc available. It still says "awaiting objective" re the ss4 on my map.

    It's a pity because i can see quite a few other people here had the same issue.

    Is there a way to edit the savegame to get it back on track?

    Anyway thanks a lot for your hard work with the lost fleet - its a fantastic job :) and happy hew year.

    Point of note for anyone in the same situation in the future, with a hostile renaissance faction before meeting them: edit the sacegame as above, and change the rep of cf18 (not 19!) To 0.3

    looking at the reps, I have 0.154181 for cf 19 and -0.87858 for cf 18... just to double check renaissance are cf19? Not to doubt you... just don't wanna fly all the way back from the second break (I played on after our last conversation) to find the renaissance still hate me!

    Also I found when I flew back from alsace first break that the juni cutscene did not trigger... so I loaded a pre renaissance save at the first break and continued the coalition from there

    thanks a lot for the info. Will the ioncross editor work? It has a lot of interpretation errors trying to open the savegame, although some parts are filled in. Unfortunately ioncross shows many unknown or no name factions so I'm not sure which to edit. The no name faction appears neutral while all the unknown ones look friendly...

    Or is there another tool that you would recommend?

    (I can't get the flsave editor hosted here on swat to work, it throws up a comdlg32.ocx error despite me registering it in regsvr32)

    update- I just got flsave editor to work by registering mscomctl.ocx, which for some reason wasn't registered!

    the two typos are mentioned in this thread : Lost Fleet issues

    They resulted in the patcher halting in the popup screen at a help message dialogue. Closing that screen caused the main dos window to eventually ask to terminate with ctrl c.

    I checked through the batch file and found the two typos as described. Correcting them made the patch work fine. Perhaps the file you're using to test with is newer than the one posted for download.

    I pretty much played the game through in an ordinary fashion... didnt do anything i shouldnt have. Curious why the renaissance faction hates me so much. -_-

    Well perhaps the one thing I did differently to expected was I paid a bribe to the fixer on planet earth to improve rep with "the rest of ."

    Could this have done it?

    no I was using a fresh install with cf, which i recently downloaded. I played through the vanilla missions and continued on beyond.

    I did try patching. As krokyk writes, the patcher has 2 errors in it which are critical (the patching stops halfway and never completes without fixing the typos), but after correcting the 2 critical errors the patcher completed successfully. This didn't help at all with respect to the hostile renaissance faction... when I landed and could view the reputation, it was fully red to the end of the bar.

    quick update. After countless retries I managed to land on the station and pay for my rep to be fixed. Does this end the side story arc for the lost fleet? There don't seem to be any new objectives.

    Strangely I was able to fly to the station despite overwhelming fire from the ion cannons and many renaissance ships... my shields did not budge at all, despite the nomads being able to damage them in the mission just prior

    When I do the SP lost fleet missions it starts with even the nav buoys and the containers red, and when I jump into Alsace every Renaissance ship fires on me. The mission script continues automatically so I eventually manage to dock with the station at which point it crashes out. Is there a way to fix this