S13 - System rules updated

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  • Just a note from GRs view: attacking ships outside S-13 without RP system was used (i.e tax command was used, except police licensed chars ofc) is considered as OORP attack and against server rules. Clan system rules can be enforced inside clan system and if there are repeated offenses, then can be announced KOS (outside clan system) which should be time limited.


    Do Not Drive Players off the Server
    You must not deliberately target a player and harass them through words or actions until they leave the server. This includes clans using Kill on Sight (KoS). KoS should be limited in either duration or until specific conditions are met. The limit should be set proportionally to the ‘crimes’ committed against the clan. Clans may be asked to justify their use of KoS to Server Police [GR] and Administration.

    Simple said: if player pass S-13 and is able leave, then it do not meant an automatic 'open KOS ticket' for AS members. You can chase/engage such player, but within server RP system.

  • Oh dear! I am afraid my GR-char will have a lot of work in the next time.
    And at the end of this work SoulPirate will be the only active player of his clan because all other [AS]-member are banned because they killed other player out of role play :D

  • Oh dear ! (...i can feel your pain... :) )

    About what I said about the rules of S13.It was intended to give a piratical touch and not to break the rules server.Nothing has happened so far nor will happen.If they are exceptions, and probably will be :) , there will exist many decent ways to solve them , not necessarily with the divine intervention of GRs.Regarding what you said, want to show us what will happen in the future or exactly what can you do? Coz the ratio of the number of players and "gods" tends to become unitary.But this is OP`s concern and I`ll not ask him his opinion because I know he will not say.Having said that, a flashback flashed my mind. OMG .The situation is almost similar or starts to become.Even happens? You must see the movie.Will captivate you.
    Dam , what gods will do if they exceed mortals? Will try to punish dark matter, because there is dark matter?

    "Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.These persons who are corrupted by the process of ruling over their fellow men are not innately evil. They begin as honest men. Their motives for wanting to direct the actions of others may be purely patriotic and altruistic. Indeed, they may wish only “to do good for the people.” But, apparently, the only way they can think of to do this “good” is to impose more restrictive laws."

    Srry for my curiosity , you are a she or he?

  • Nothing has happened so far nor will happen.If they are exceptions, and probably will be , there will exist many decent ways to solve them

    Yes, it is true. If something will happen, then there are more ways how to solve them, using GRs "radio" is the last one choice.

    Btw, could I suggest slight modification? :

    Quote from actual

    Those who will be found in the area, will be hunted and punished wherever system they are, without warning and all goods will be confiscated.

    Quote from suggestion

    Those who will be found or spotted in the area without permission will be hunted and punished.

    It offers allot action with use of server RP system and less imply KOS :)

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  • .Regarding what you said, want to show us what will happen in the future or exactly what can you do?

    I know there a some members of [AS]-clan wich taxed other player and when taxed player left the system in which he was taxed, [AS]-clan-member killed the player anyway. This kill out of role play and it is not allowed!
    I guess, this will be happend more often in the future due your new S3-rules.
    Ok, when a player fly throught S13, [AS]-member tax him (for example in Frankfurt-System) and taxed player fly back to S13 it is his/her problem. :-)

    And of course: when other players visit S13 without your permission you can hunt them in whole universe, but only when you don't breaks the server RP rules :-)

    But back to your question: when I catch a pirate who killed an other player which left a system without paid tax, I will write to the pirate first and let him know the rule! If her/he understood the rule and won't do this rule break again, everything will be fine (not fined) :-)
    If player don't want to understand the rule and thing he have more ideas than me about RP...in this case I have to using GRs "radio".
    But to ban a player is my very last choice!