IOC - New Hongkong Rules

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  • Allies: BG, UR (, CFPD, /CoP\ Clans not official active atm.)

    Neutral: SA_, |DP|, LP, Fallen, SMG, [AS], Freelancers (included non official Clans)

    Enemies: N/A

    Benefits which accrue to our allies:
    1. Access to home system for trade and ships.
    2. Mutual defense of home systems.
    3. Access to weapons stores & wrecks.

    - Neutral clan members will be expected to ask before entering, just as our pilots are expected to do in other home systems. Access to various resources will be granted on an ad hoc basis.
    - No hostile actions within New Hongkong will be permitted. "Check your weapons at the door", so to speak.
    - Freelancers below lvl 40 can trade in New Hongkong and are free to pass/explore.

    Of course access to New Hongkong is a privilege given by IOC, it can be revoked or denied for legitimate reasons - for instance because we are having a meeting. Most of the time we will have no objection, but we prefer to have no more than 2 visitors at a time.

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  • A small update:

    all Crossfire clans now have the access to IOC Headquarters.

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