Dom Kavash Undercover in Sirius...

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  • As i read about the Dom Kavash hunt, i will tell you what i did witness in my yesterdays patrol:

    I know a Dom Kavash, it named itself "Experiment" and was SA tagged. I tried to tax him yesterday as he appeared on the radar. As i came closer i have seen he's from the Dom Kavash and currently was gambling with another civilian from Sirius. He even had the guts to attack a battleship with quite good results.

    As the agressor took the lead in the battle i decided to step in and save the life of the Sirius inhabitant. Eventually he can spend a few of his buckets later for a poor pirate and will remember that it was me who saved his life. As he was trying to escape this experimental Dom Kavash was still after him engaging, so i followed and did attack that Dom Kavash, to my disadvantage. It killed me a few times. And as luck was no longer on my side a flatfood appeared in the scenery too. He was from Interpol and wanted to fine me. He claimed i have killed an officer. Surely. I told him that this Dom Kavash killed me and was attacking an entire BS crew and that this Dom Kavash is spreading fear around in Sirius and instead of fining me he should better get this Dom Kavash pushed back to where it came from.

    But no, the flatfood was sure i was attacking an officer. What to do now. I have a blinded interpol officer and an pseudo officer masked as Dom Kavash. Unfortunate i did several times but then were lucky to escape. No Dom Kavash and no blinded interpol anymore. Pew.
    Pew pew - a pirate fellow was appearing and asked me for tax and attacked me immediately. Huh, what has happened to Sirius lately. Did these Dom Kavash pester the peoples around? They surely must otherwise i wouldn't be engaged by another fellow when there is police around that killed me a few times before.

    But what to say - this pirate was drunken enough that he couldn't steer his vessel and so i also could escape from him.

    What do we learn from that. Dont rely that pirates will help each other, they probably will not. Dont expect the police to safe the life of the Sirius inhabitants. And be warned there are police tagged Dom Kavash flying around.
    Eventually some may organize an event to hunt that beast down...? (i dont expect the police to do that)

  • Always totalitarianism imposed by a small group that holds power in ASF is manifested in this way. :rtfm: 
    They are surrounded by some so-called protectors of law, who are infected without their knowledge by the sick totalitarianism imposed virus.
    Sooner or later the virus will expand in all systems.And then it will be very difficult to cure all systems built on bribery in each base.
    Pirates, amplify your actions and eliminate all entities that want to take over the universe and want to establish a policy of domination too.
    Decide for yourself who is the real enemy and let's give a chance, let us help CSF, to bring peace and prosperity in all systems.

    :patsch: Now it will be harder for pirates to face masked abuses of the law !!!