Crossfire 2.0 - Installation Instructions

  • The installation of Crossfire 2.0 is not different to any of the previous versions and its less problematic as the activation. So the download of the mod is nearly 2,6 GB - that means it could take some time until you finally get it. 2,6 GB zip file, installed in FLMM/mods folder it will require about 6,5GB space and next 7,7 GB when activated in Freelancer folder. To sum it up - you should have approx. 18 GB free space for this mod.

    You can choose to save the download where ever you deem to see it fit on your HDD. If the download is finished you start the installation by executing the "".
    NOTE. This will not install the crossfire mod into your freelancer installation. It will just install the mod to your Freelancer Mod Manager Mods folder. In order to play this mod you then have to activate it first. This furthermore means with only passing the installation you can not play the Crossfire Mod afterwards.

    It is recommended to follow the below mentioned list to install this mod, It turned out its working without much complications:

    • Download the software from the following links:

    • Before installing the Crossfire 2.0 mod:

      • Install Freelancer Mod Manager 1.3 (FLMM) if not already done. You don't need to install it another time. So if you already have it installed you can continue with the next point.
      • It is necessary to have a clean installation of Freelancer - but not yet required. You can do this now, already have it done or do it later. Its necessary before you activate the mod.

    • Install the Crossfire 2.0 mod:

      • Launch the "Crossfire2setup.exe" from wherever you have saved it. (You need to have installed FLMM already!)
      • Wait until the mod installation is finished. The installer decompresses the files and copies them to the path selected before. Depending on your system this can take up some time.

    After the installation did finish you may proceed with the activation of the mod.
    If you have problems with installation please post your concern in our Technical Problems forum.