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  • Game world is a unique universe called Tarr. In Tarr there is no light and dark sides, no right and guilty. It is the world where all the races have united against one enemy, where the struggle is not for resources, but for life. For the life of the dying galaxy.
    Battlecruiser Talestra - the flagship of Aliiance Forces - was sent in a remote star system to guard some science groups exploring a long ago abandoned city of ancient race. But owing to a break down in its hyperengine Talestra comes in the wrong part of galaxy. And now the crew has to make a long way to their home: through the worlds populated with alien races, through deserted, desolate systems and sectors controlled by the main enemy of the galaxy - De'Khete.
    The main character is a pilot of elite fighters squad, which is a part of Talestras combatant forces. Together with other crew members player will have to overcome all the severities fallen to the lost cruisers lot. All the pilots of players squad are controlled by AI: they follow the players ship and help in battles. Moreover companions report about their maneuvers and give advice on combat tactics. But companions arent just soulless dummies but self-dependent persons every of which has its own point of view on life and fights. Only acting as a part of a team you can reach your goal.
    Between missions player can change its ships equipment. For this needs it is provided with a set of various blocks and subsystems - hulls, engines, cannons, rocket launchers. For the services in battle player gets new ranks and opportunities to serve in other Talestra departments, what gives player an access to the hangars with new equipment and weaponry.
    Interesting and diverse missions, detailed storyline with intrigues and unexpected turns, dynamic battles in deep space and in planetary orbits, dizzy flights - all this creates an unforgettable feeling of presence in game. This project is not people play, its a whole world you will live and fight within to break away from the depths of hostile space and to come back to your native land.

    Beautiful surrealistic space and spectacular battles
    9 unique missions, connected by a deeply detailed storyline
    Create your own spaceship, combining various parts and equipment: more than 150 unique wings, engines, cannons, rockets and other subsystems
    Companions which give helpful advice and fighting together with you



    Only dead fish swim with the stream.
    Don't discuss with idiots. They only drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience there.

    This is ten percent luck,
    Twenty percent skill,
    Fifteen percent concentrated power of will,
    Five percent pleasure,
    Fifty percent pain,
    And a hundred percent reason to remember the name!

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