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  • When are you going to be in Space? Can't wait. :D

    • Once I am confident enough to hold my own against the NPCs! :D Right now they are giving me tough times. Combat is so much quicker and tougher in Crossfire. I dont think I'd last 5 minutes in MP at the moment, but with more practice I improve all the time. I hope so anyways. :)

    • we all started out like that but it,s friendly here so if you need a hand getting started or along the way feel free to yell out. pilots are always around to help :)

    • Thanks Kermit ;)

  • NICE to have you on board Geraldine ... and REALLY interesting link in your signature ... put it in "favorites" of my browser :D

  • LOL a Bot, nice one! :)

  • Hi Geraldine, we welcome you as our 22204. user and wish you a lot of fun in our community. Your SWAT team, Feb 16th 2015.