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    The family-run Ambrose Foundation, a multi-billion credit institution, has lost its entire fortune in a single day.

    Business analyst Marlon Royce reported on Vox Galactica:

    "The Ambrose Foundation combines the wealth of several centuries-old royal and noble houses. It is primarily involved in corporate investment and occasional charity work."

    "All of that changed abruptly when its accountants announced the loss of 100% of all assets, worth nearly three hundred billion credits. Inexplicably, everything the foundation owned has been liquidated and transferred to anonymous accounts at banks scattered throughout the galaxy."

    "Local security services are investigating a possible data hack. But of greater concern is the disappearance of family heiress Lady Talitha Ambrose. Some fear she has been kidnapped and forced to provide authorisation codes to her colossal inheritance."

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    The Distant Worlds II expedition has reached its final destination on the far side of the galaxy: the Beagle Point system.

    Science correspondent Leon Banerjee reported for Vox Galactica:

    "The Distant Worlds exploratory fleet, comprising thousands of independent pilots, set out from the Pallaeni system on 13th January 3305. Over three months later, after travelling more than 73,000 light years, ships have begun arriving at Beagle Point."

    "Included among the expedition's achievements is the construction of the scientific research station Explorer's Anchorage. This now serves as a permanent waypoint for travellers to the galactic core, as well as facilitating detailed observation of the supermassive black hole Sagittarius A*."

    "While Distant Worlds II is coming to a close, its participants will now plot their own routes through unexplored space back towards the core systems."

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    The Federal Intelligence Agency continues to search for the Children of Tothos, a fringe cult that has stolen a nuclear weapon.

    Ethan Takahashi, crime correspondent for The Federal Times, reported:

    "The FIA has rooted out additional cultists within the Zlota system. All fervently worship their charismatic leader, Barnabas Cole, but none seem to know his current location or plans."

    "The Children of Tothos believe they were chosen by a demonic being that exists 'in the spaces between the stars'. Cole claims that only he, aided by select adherents, can summon Tothos with an enormous ceremonial sacrifice."

    "Criminal psychologists fear that Cole's egotism permits any act that justifies his delusions, including detonation of a nuclear warhead. Since the recently stolen Lucifer Device is both portable and undetectable by security scans, practically any location might be chosen for the cult's

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    Mystery continues to surround Gan Romero, the starship technician who single-handedly stole a docked vessel in the Vega system.

    Romero's wife, Lara, agreed to an interview with Vox Galactica:

    "I haven't the faintest idea why Gan took that ship, or how he managed it. It's totally out of character for him. He's not impulsive or even ambitious really. Always been the practical type, which is why I married him. I can't believe that he would do anything like this."

    "Had he been acting strangely? Well, something was on Gan's mind…I guess you could say he's been distracted recently. I've caught him staring out into space a few times. And his sleep was disturbed by intense dreams, although he never wanted to talk about them."

    "The kids keep asking when their dad is coming home. I just hope the Fort Dixon security services can find some explanation for all this, and bring Gan home to us."

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    The good news is that LOAF is out of the hospital and happily recovering at home! However, he and Dundradal are not quite ready to get back to hosting new episodes of

    All Wings Considered

    . The plan is for the show to return at full force next week. In the mean time, check out Stephen_k's ode to the AWC segment on Privateer 2 ship identification! You can catch up on any episodes you might have missed



    It has a lot of them
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    Here's a preview of Wing Commander 3 that I don't think we've seen before. In the days before most people had internet access, articles like these were the main way that people got an early look at upcoming games. From the fiery color mix to chain link border, it screams mid '90s aesthetic and brings back many exciting memories. If mag scans like this make you nostalgic for a different time, check out the

    Gamemaster Said

    Twitter feed!


    Issue 25, January 1995: Wing Commander 3 preview (PC): “The interactive movie is here! Or at least that’s what Electronic Arts would have us believe.”
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    has discovered another nifty developer trick in the code of Wing Commander. By observing what gets loaded into active memory while playing the game, he noticed how certain palette colors become blanked out and then revert back to magenta/red as the ship takes damage. This is how parts of the cockpit flicker when taking damage! Here he is to walked through the details:

    Shades of Magenta

    The following images are two different representation of the game palette. The first image represents the colors as extracted from the GAME.PAL file and the second represents the colors as extracted from game memory. Notice how several of the magenta colors have been blacked out when loaded into memory.


    At first I found that curious: Does the game not use those colors? Often time magenta is used to indicate a transparent color, but several of them? Then I remembered what seemed like an oddity of the
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    A moist wind blew across the multicolored Mycelial plain, and Amna Patel experienced it in a way she never had before. She sat on the edge of a cliff overlooking a broad basin, the sky brilliant and full of spores, some communicating, some reproducing, some simply traveling from place to place. She had experienced a lot in her life, not the least of which was rebirth as a being made of blood, bones, and animal flesh, and moments like this gave her a deeper understanding of how strange it must be to travel here from the humans’ dimension. The humidity was almost uncomfortable against her recently acquired skin, and the spores in the air scoured her throat when she breathed. While the jahSepp knew she was of their kind, and thus didn’t seek to poison her or chase her away, she had to admit that the only world she knew felt strange and uninviting. She took this form to communicate with the humans

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    The Palanquin’s bridge shook as panels sparked and instruments exploded, tossing her crew like ragdolls. The vorta First Officer, Adiss 5, had run the bridge efficiently and with a mastery of motivating the Jem’Hadar crew, but the Hur’q attacks had sent the ship listing hard to port, and Adiss went along with it. She would command this crew with her last breath, but, given her injuries, that didn’t seem all that far away. The Founder called Nuno entered the bridge with purpose, flanked by Jem’Hadar marines and with Adiss 6 in tow. By virtue of being a Founder, Nuno was afforded unquestioned command of the Palanquin, but he had come to think of his crew as a family over the long years of exploring together. He gave Adiss 6 a nod, and the vorta clone ran to her predecessor’s side and helped her up, brushed her off, and began to assist her to the medical bay. Nuno lifted his hands, formed

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    A trio of chirps stole Lieutenant Commander Amna Patel’s attention away from a pair of senior security officers and her own data pad. She excused herself and stepped out of the busy shuttle bay where hundreds of Starfleet Security personnel were mustered and boarding shuttlecraft bound for the Conestoga-class transports. Patel removed her communicator and, with a flick of the wrist, initiated contact with the person on the other end of the transmission. “Buran to Lieutenant Commander Patel, situation report.” Her communicator crackled noisily; there was always so much cross traffic during a major operation like this, and it usually took its toll on the comms network. Despite this, Amna smiled at the voice of Commander Ellen Landry on the other end. For a moment her thoughts drifted to happier futures than the one looming in the immediate. The communicator crackled again. “Patel, this is

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    Paul Stamets stepped through the automatic doors and into the dimly lit Corridor Seven, a bar with a reputation of being raucous, free-wheeling, and loud enough to allow for a nice, private conversation in a public place. He dodged to one side as a young Starfleet ensign, complete with casually undone collar, stumbled toward the exit. Of all the Academy-adjacent bars in San Francisco, his new friend had chosen to meet in this one. Paul nervously adjusted the mobile emitter on his shoulder and searched the room for the man he’d come to see. He found the atmosphere, the clothing, the people in this place distracting. In his time, things were… different. His world was more low key and practical. Uniforms came in shades of bronze, silver, and gold. Klingons wouldn’t be caught dead celebrating with Tellarites in a shady bar on Earth. It was a lot to process, and he was still working through the

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    is hard at work cranking out the most plentiful peashooter of the Gemini Sector, the F-38 Talon. Unfortunately, they're mostly up to no good on behalf of the Retros or pirates, but occasionally the Confed Militia will trot a few out as well. The Talon might be a bland workhorse in Privateer, but these updated renders are gorgeous!

    I finally finished up my F-38 Talon. These things litter the Gemini sector and everybody has at least ten. From the Retros, to pirates, to in-system security - you can't throw a rock and not hit one; even the Kilrathi have a few. But I currently only did two paint schemes. By far the most famous - and obnoxious:




    And to counteract the crazies - here's a Confed ISS version: Best not be carrying any contraband around these guys - oh, who am I kidding, they're made entirely of tissue paper. Anyway - enjoy!
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    J’Ula beheld the odd, vicious human blade in her hands for a moment before setting it upon the desk in her quarters. It was a prize, presented to her by the leader of her personal guard, taken from the hand of a dead Starfleet security officer. Kukri, the humans called the blade. It was truly a warrior’s weapon. The officer who once wielded it killed eight Klingons in close combat before finally succumbing to his wounds. But he was a fool, this human. He fought alone against overwhelming odds, trapped in the belly of his ship after all of his comrades had died or surrendered. He fought in a burning house, she mused. He suffered the fate of all fools. Her vessel streaked through space at high warp. Valuable information was gleaned from Starfleet prisoners, and from captured data files taken from the “burning house” so bravely defended by the human with the vicious blade. She’d learned of a

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    This normally wasn’t Lieutenant Whetu’s job, but today she was happy to do it. She stood ramrod-straight, hands clasped behind her back, waiting. She realized after a momentthat she had adopted the stance a little too early, as it was still a few minutes before she heard the soft “thunk” of the inspection pod docking with NX-96400’s hull. Finally, the airlock in front of her hissed as it pressurized. A telltale light flashed from red to green, and the hatch slid open. Beyond it was a tall Andorian zhen in a crisp Starfleet service uniform sporting captain’s pips. The yoke of the uniform was gray instead of captain’s white, as this ship was not hers to command… not yet, anyway. She turned to the shorter Deltan officer beside her. “Thank you, Ensign. This is my first time as a plankowner and my first time to command a brand new ship. The hull was as clean as fresh snow drifts on

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    The sound of a shattering PADD echoed through the underground offices. Vrosik hardly paid any mind now; she’d become used to the outbursts, the manic intensity, the slumps of dejection, and the heat of anger that cycled quickly through her co-worker. She waited for the string of invectives to die down, then picked up a fresh PADD from a neatly-stacked pile at the corner of her desk, pulled her goggles down over her light-sensitive eyes, and strode into the workspace next door. She extended the PADD silently. Callius, standing in front of his desk, moped silently for a few moments, then snatched the PADD from her hand. He looked down at it and tapped at it a few times, loading in his latest designs from the network and setting it up for use. Finally he mumbled, “Thank you.” Vrosik started to turn and head back to her workspace, then stopped. She wasn’t sure why she did. Callius’ outbursts