Typhoon VHF model

Model & textures by Angryfly, converted to Freelancer by Gibbon It's completely ready to go, just download it, double click the Typhoon mod manager icon and it will self install into mod manager. Activate it to use it. Ship is available to buy on Manha

I saw this ship while i was hunting around on the internet for something else, as is usually the case with these things. I really liked the look of it so downloaded it (available from his page, TurboSquid: 3d Products by Angryfly), converted it to Freelancer and hardpointed it.

For the technically minded:

583 - Vertices
298 - Triangles
1 - 512x512 DDS texture

It comes with all the trimmings, all class 10 setup,

6 - GUNS

I made a sur file for it, cockpit file and included an icon as well


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    Typhoon VHF.zip