HardpointExport-v0-0-1 by Fenris Wolf

Found this on my hd. Very useful little tool for exporting hardpoints from one model to another, especially if you're cloning a model, say same model, different textures. Made by Fenris Wolf

From the readme...

Can read a cmp file, find the hardpoints, and export them to a text file, or directly into another cmp. Text files can be imported later. Useful for times when you want to edit a models mesh as it saves the need to manually redo the hardpoints. Exported text files could be used as a template for new models....tons of uses i'm sure....

Simply run the app, select the export file with the hardpoints (either a cmp, or a text with previously exported hardpoints), then select the import file (either an existing cmp, or create a new text file), and poof its done :)

Credits to maluku for the utf perl module

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